Systema’s Be #GumProud Campaign: Promoting Better Gum Health Awareness and Care Among Malaysians

Systema, a leading oral care brand from Japan, has launched the Be #GumProud campaign in collaboration with the Malaysia Society of Periodontology and the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The campaign aims to raise awareness about gum health and educate Malaysians on proper gum care.

The launch of Systema’s Be #GumProud Campaign

A study revealed low awareness among Malaysians regarding gum health. The Ministry of Health Malaysia stressed the need for self-oral health care and continued efforts to promote gum health through education and accessible dental services.

The Be #GumProud campaign by Systema aims to educate Malaysians about gum health and its impact on overall dental health. From May to the end of June 2023, the public can assess their gum health online on Systema’s website. Additionally, roadshows will be conducted to promote good oral hygiene practices and raise awareness about the importance of gum health. Consumers are encouraged to take part in the campaign, improve their gum health, and receive a free starter kit from Systema.

Embark on the Be #GumProud journey by assessing your gum health online and discovering Systema products for gum protection. Visit for campaign details.

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