Teatox, also known as a tea detox, is probably one of the most popular trends in the health industry.  It is claimed that teatox is able to detoxify and boost up our metabolism rate, causing our body to burn more calories and lose weight.

These detox tea products are backed by many celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and so on, posting photos endorsing detox tea products on Instagram. Thanks to the strong online presence of these detox tea products, the allure of teatoxing is undeniably strong. I mean who does not want to try it when almost every girl on Instagram is complimenting how great these teatox products are.

Image: alure.com
Image: alure.com

Question is, is teatoxing an effective way to lose weight?

Many detox products claimed that they can cleanse and detoxify your body, which may lead to more energy, clearer skin, and lighter body. While it is true that some people may experience some short-term benefits from going through a teatox, there are far more reasons why you should not undergo teatoxing. Here’s why.

1. There is no any real published research to prove that teatoxing could totally transform your body

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Sure, some consumers see their stomach look slightly flatter after drinking detox teas. However, the slim down won’t last without changes in exercise and diet. Nutritionist Renée Leonard-Stainton explains, “There’s nothing wrong with the products in the teatox in the short-term – but I wouldn’t advise anyone to be taking them for a long period of time.”

Reason being, many of these detox teas contain senna, a herb that can be commonly seen in many detox tea products. She continues, “Senna has a strong laxative effect and it can cause headaches, diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration. In the long-term it can make the bowel reliant on this kind of stimulation to work.”

2. You are not losing weight, you are losing water weight

Image: 1mhealthtips.com
Image: 1mhealthtips.com

Teatox could be effective to achieve weight loss. The sorcery of drinking the tea is pretty much the same as drinking water. Drinking water flushes out toxins and out of your body and release retained water that causes you to look bloated.

Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian of Ignite Nutrition explains, “Tea alone has no impact on weight loss. You may experience a temporary decrease in weight from losing water through the stool – but this is not technically weight loss, it’s fluid loss – and will be quickly regained.”

3. Teatox could make you feel lightheaded

This sort of diet tea products typically consists of a mixture of herbs. Senna in particular has a strong laxative effect would likely to increase the number of bowel movements. Simply put, it makes you go the bathroom more.

Image: prevention.com
Image: prevention.com

The effect of laxative is unpleasant and there are health risks involved with drinking diet tea as well. “Depending on your tolerance, it may cause cramping, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort.” Leonard-Stainton explains. “In the long-term it can make the bowel reliant on this kind of stimulation to work.”

4. Your body do not need to be detoxed by other substance

Image: puriumhealthlifestyle
Image: puriumhealthlifestyle

The two main organs that help detox your body are liver and kidneys. “Our liver and kidneys already do a great job of removing waste and toxins from our bodies,” says Harris-Pincus, a New York/New Jersey-based Registered Dietician. Apart from that, you can also eat healthier by adding more greens, fruits, and lean proteins to your diet to help your body run optimally.

5.  It is rather expensive for what you get

If you really want to drink tea to help increases body metabolism, you should just go buy a green tea at the store which costs a fraction of the price of detox tea. It is unnecessary to pay a premium price for detox tea when these two kinds of tea are pretty much doing the same thing.

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