When was the last time you went on a diet? Well, we guess this is every woman life goal to stay slim and fit without having to keep fit. Imagine your life never having to diet and counting every calorie that affects your waistline. Although it is like a dream, but we can actually stay slim with these 5 simple tips. Remember, small changes will make a difference that will surprise you in the near future.

5 Simple Tips To Stay Slim

1. Put The Food Away From You

Do you know that you’re three times more likely to eat the first food that you see than the fifth? So, place the unhealthy food out of sight in those inconvenient places. To be more extreme, hide them in the containers to cover them up or share with other people.

2. Take Your Leftovers Home

If you are dining at a restaurant and your meal arrives generously, try to ask for a takeaway bag. Then, start to divide the meal in half before you start eating. This way, you will consume lesser calories and you can save more money too.


3. Try To Avoid Buffet Dinner

With the amount that you have to pay, you will tend to eat as much as you can to make it worthwhile. Or, if you can’t resist of having buffet dinner, walk around and look at the food to cherry-pick what you would eat before you taking a plate. Choose wisely and don’t pile on the food that you don’t need.

Festive Buffet at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 2

4. Divide Your Trolley

Start to divide your trolley into half. It will remind you that half of your trolley should be fresh produce where it contains more vegetables and fruits to balance out your trolley. The more you practice this, you will find yourself naturally gravitating more towards the healthy food to balance out your trolley.

Image: modernfarmer.com
Image: modernfarmer.com

5. Don’t Sit In The Kitchen Too Long

Remove your TV, laptop, iPad or comfy chairs away from your kitchen so that you won’t stay too much time in the kitchen. Spending time in the kitchen mean eating more food and snacks in the refrigerator and shelf, you wouldn’t want that. Only spend time in your kitchen to prepare meals.

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