Social media has helped us more connected ever. Between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and everything in between, somehow these platforms have become the means through which many people to compare their lives with others and show off their achievements.

In a latest research by Kaspersky Lab showed that 41% of UAE respondents admitting to feeling envious when they see the seemingly happier lives of their friends on social media.

We all get jealous sometimes—it’s part of what makes us human. But if jealousy hits you on the daily when you’re scrolling through Instagram and you see your friend with a new branded bag, or traveling all over the world on luxury cruise ship, it’s about time to check your jealousy at the door.


Deleing your social media account is not a permanent solution to overcome jealousy. To avoid going overboard with it, below are four strategies how to avoid social media envy.

Remind yourself that social media is not reality, it’s a highlight reel

Social media doesn’t tell you what is really going on in someone else’s life. The life you see on social media is just a small part of that person’s life; it’s a curated highlight reel. We often only see someone else’s end result, but not the time and energy involved,

Keep in mind that, though, you only upload your best selfies and photos of you having fun and travelling to overseas, others are doing the same.


It’s okay to compare, but make healthy upward social comparisons

No one has the same DNA. While some are born with innate talents, it doesn’t mean that it makes you any less. If people are posting their jet-setting life —then the unhealthy response would be to say, those people capable and I am not. The healthy thing would be to say, “I can achieve that, I can go there.”

Catch up with real friends

Try decluttering your social media, “subscribe” to a select group of friends whose lives you actually care instead of scrolling endlessly through posts of influencers you barely know. Seeing updates from people you actually care will give real life context to their posts. You’re more likely to feel happy for them than jealous of their great lives.

8dd92020aa8fb002_13_CocktailParty_138.xxxlarge_2xDo a social media detox

Sometimes you just need a little break from the digital world. Deleting Facebook and Instagram off may be exactly what you need to feel more confident and less envious. Think about what you want to achieve, take action, and live a life that matters.

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