#NewIn: /skin regimen/ Introduces an Aromatic Body Roll-on to Reinvigorate the Mind and Body

/skin regimen/, the skin and body care for urbanites in today’s modern and fast paced world, is introducing an aromatic body roll-on, with a curated scent to reinvigorate the mind and body. The roll-on is the body product extension to the holistic beauty approach by /skin regimen/.

The /skin regimen/ roll-on is created for the moments when you like to find the salubrious mental and emotional state to go through your day.  Encased in a roll-on, that you could apply conveniently as you go about your daily activities, the /skin regimen/ roll-on delivers an invigorating aromatherapy concentrate that uplift your senses and calm your mind.

The /skin regimen/ roll-on contains 4 essential oils to uplift and rebalance mind.

  • Juniper berries extract is an effective and natural neurotonic to combat stress, anxiety and general burnout. It calms the neurological system and helps relieve negative emotions.
  • Copahu, the resin is an exudate obtained from the trunk of Copaifera Officinalis L. It has a delightful aroma that reminisces warm honey. Inhaling the aroma promotes a relaxing frame of mind and alleviates feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Rosewood, the essential oil that is extracted by steam distillation of the trunk, has a delicate and feminine aroma. Rosewood scent helps treat depression, as it contributes to neuro triggers of happiness, strength and calmness of the mind.
  • Cedarwood, the essential oil extracted from the branches and roots, has a characteristic aroma which eases the nervous tension. Cedarwood scent can exert a powerful, strengthening, and fortifying influence for the body and mind.

The /skin regimen/ roll-on is made of 98% natural origin ingredients, free from synthetic fragrance, silicones, animal derivatives, artificial colorants, mineral oils and parabens.


/skin regimen/ roll-on is retailing at RM128 and is available at /skin regimen/ retail kiosk at 1Utama Shopping Centre (Lot FK5B, First Floor, Highstreet).

For more information, log on skinregimen.com.my  or contact Luscious Solution Sdn Bhd at 03-2143 2271.  Tag and follow /skin regimen/as below for the latest updates:-

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