The recently married Miranda Kerr and Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel are very successful in her life no matter is her career, love or family. In the eyes of others, she is regarded as ‘life winner’ who is actively developing her career but at the same time also taking a good care of her family.  In an interview with MyDomaine, she opened up about the ‘constant struggle’ of striking a happy medium between her work and motherhood.

# Learn To Prioritize pamper.my_miranda kerr

“It has become easier with time and learning to prioritize and not over-commit myself,” said Miranda. Sometimes we just need to set priority to the things which are very important in our life. No matter is family, career or love, we need to set a priority and not overcommit ourself.

#It’s Okay To Say No

When was the last time you said no? Miranda Kerr also said that it is okay to say no. Learning to reject things that you can’t commit is a process, although it takes time when time passes by you will know what are the things you should say no.

# Do Not Over-Stress

When you become a mom, the most important thing is your child, you have to try to work everything in and around what is the best for them. However, do not over-stress and be panic. Get everything in plan and proceed it smoothly.

#Self-time Everyday

When was the last time you give yourself some self-time? The time where you can truly relax and be yourself and enjoy the life that you want. Learn to give yourself some self-time every day, no matter is doing some workout, reading a chapter of a book or listening to music, you have to de-stress and love yourself.


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