As someone who is living in the city, we know you are constantly dealing with the stress and the sleepless night is real. You have probably research on how to get rid of dark eyes circles or try many different ways to get rid of them. However, do you know that sleep posture can affect dark eye circles too?

According to Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist, Harold Lancer, MD, he says that Kim Kardashian has a flawless and glowing skin because of this top secret! After years of envying the perfect skin, Harold Lancer says that the secret to the skin does not lie in bottles of products and serums, but rather the way they sleep.

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According to the dermatologist, the way you sleep can actually affect your complexion and it is one of the reasons for dark eyes circles that stay all day long under our eyes. “Sleeping on the side can cause your face to fold into the pillow and put a strain on the skin around your eyes, which then can result in dark eye circles and puffiness.

pamper.my_beauty sleep

That is why we need to try to sleep on the back. Although it doesn’t benefit the face, it will benefit the other parts of your body from growing wrinkles. To be more accurate, sleeping with your head and chest slightly elevated on the pillow, thus you can help to drain fluid from the face.

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