Are you a sedentary person? Oxwhite Fitness Survey revealed that 3 in 10 of their customers are moderately sedentary

Oxwhite Fitness Survey 2020 revealed that 3 in 10 of their customers lead a moderately sedentary lifestyle as they exercised less than once a week. Of the moderately sedentary Malaysians, 41.5% are from the ages between 31 and 40 years. This is followed by those aged between 26-30 (25%) and 25 and below (14%).

The survey carried out among Oxwhite Facebook community of over 23,000 active customers in which one in four claimed that they love buying activewear was conducted to gain customer insight for the launch of Oxwhite X Performance Collection which consist of moisture absorbing, sweat wicking and cool fit activewear – training tees, training shorts, sports bra launched early this month.

“The finding was not surprising as multiple consumer behaviour studies had shown that many consumers buy activewear because they are comfortable and attractive, especially with the sweat absorbing and moisture wicking properties activewear comes with. This is what the market calls ‘athleisure’. However, as a lifestyle brand that seeks to help Malaysians to look and feel good affordably, we want to help everyone stay active and get healthier. Hence we also dived deeper into what is making them sedentary,” said Oxwhite founder CK Chang.

According to the survey findings, 90% of those who stated that they were moderately inactive said their lack of exercise is due to limited knowledge of keeping themselves safe during a workout. Meanwhile, 40% of the activewear fans mentioned that they were active and are exercising between two and three times a week.

However, this group of participants also mentioned that they are unsure if they are applying the right techniques to help prevent injury when they work out.

“Some 36% of the respondents said that they prefer to workout from home if they exercised while 33% prefer going to the gym. The number of people exercising at home, unsupervised is bound to increase with the new normal. Not knowing how to do it safely is not ideal as people will stop being active if they injure themselves,” Chang added saying that Oxwhite had collaborated with Anytime Fitness Eco Sky to produce a 10 minutes workout video that Malaysia can safely follow.

The workout video will also help Malaysians stay active at a time when they are unable to go to the gym with the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the safety aspect of exercising at home, Anytime Fitness Eco Sky Personal Trainer Kenneth Tong said that poor exercise technique could expose one to injury.

“Some moves could make a person more vulnerable than others if not done correctly. Hence in coming up with the routine that people would follow at home, we had the survey findings in mind. As such, we avoided routines such as butterfly crunches, deadlifts and weight training” he said.

Launched in 2018, Oxwhite is an e-commerce lifestyle brand that operates on a direct-to-consumer model, providing an accessible alternative to luxury brands that maintains the premium quality at a fraction of the cost for the modern Asian: from business wear to casual wear, and from travel to home & living essentials. For more info, visit

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