5 Easy Yoga Stretches To Help You Destress At Your Desk

5 Easy Yoga Poses To Help You Destress At Work

Sitting at our desks for more than 8 hours a day can take a toll on body which will definitely affect our performance at work. It’s time to try these 5 simple yoga stretches which you can do right at your desk or just anywhere convenient to remove those tight knots on our back, neck, shoulders, and hips! Take it as a regular mini workout that’s great for clearing your mind and relaxing your body so you can perform at your peak.

1.Wrist Stretch


Desk Yoga-Wrist Stretch
Image: working-well.org

Your wrists are always hard at work so these wrist stretches will help to release the tension and keep it strong! Extend one arm in front of you, with your palm facing down. Bend the wrist so your fingers point to the floor. Use the opposite hand to pull the hand back, increase the stretch with light pressure and hold for 5 seconds. Rotate your arm so your palm faces the ceiling then, push your hands back with light pressure for 5 seconds. Lastly, rotate the hand so that the fingers point to the ceiling, pull your hands behind with light pressure and hold for 90 seconds. Repeat with the opposite hand.

2. Seated Twist

Desk Yoga-Seated Twist
Image: movenourishbelieve.com

This easy move is great for your spine, abdominals, and obliques, plus it could help combat bloating too, especially after a heavy lunch. With a straight back and tight core, place your palms on the sides your chair and turn your chest and abdomen to the right, moving your left shoulder forward and your right shoulder back. Repeat on the other side.

3. Desk Shoulder Opener

Image: cupofjo.com
Image: cupofjo.com

Push your chair to the side and step back until the length of your arm to your desk, with your hands straight and palms on the desk. Drop your head between your arms and push your hips back for a nice shoulder stretch (You can bend your knees a bit to lessen the pressure). This helps to stop hunching since we’re always hunched to our computers.

4. Neck Rolls

Desk Yoga-Neck Rolls
Image: osteopata.it

With a straight back and shoulder relaxed, close your eyes, let your chin drop down to your chest then, slowly circle your neck from your right shoulder to the back and to the left shoulder. Take 3-5 rolls for each side and then switch directions.

5. Seated Cat and Cow

Desk Yoga-Seated Cat and Cow
Image: yogajournal.com

Inhale to round your spine, exhale to open your lungs wide. Do this a few times to release the knots on your back, shoulders and chest.

Do you do yoga stretches at your desk often?

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