To keep our health at its best state, what we choose to consume on a daily basis is very important. Here are a few beverages that contain a lot more sugar and calories – not good!

1. Juice. Some juices are filled with lots of sugar and high calorie content. It is masked within what we think is healthy for us! Check the labels and make sure you buy juice that is less sweetened, or just make your own.

2. Frappes. We know it’s delicious, nothing like a caramel frappuccino with whipped cream and caramel drizzles to hit the spot. But beware. There’s a whole ton of sugar that you’re drinking and not only will you go through a caffeine crash, you’ll also go through a sugar crash and your energy levels will dip even lower.

3. Any form of soda. Just don’t do it to yourself. No matter what it tells you, if it has caffeine or sugar or any artificial ingredients, it just isn’t good for you.

4. Premixed cocktails. You may find this at the grocery stores and not only does it give you a bad hangover, it’s really bad for you too! Stay away.

5. Shakes. Any form of shakes that come from powder are usually not that great for you. They would be loaded with lots of artificial ingredients and sugar to help them taste good. Try to get your source of nutrients from natural sources like food!

6. Sports and energy drinks. Unless they are all natural and filled with supplements, most sports and energy drinks and overloaded with sugar and caffeine and calories.

7. Ice tea. Ever bought a bottle of ice lemon tea and upon the first sip you were hit with this overwhelming flavour of sweetness? Where’s the lemon and tea in the drink?

8. Flavoured water. Check the labels and you’ll be surprised to see the amount of artificial sweeteners in there! No wonder water tastes so good…

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