Go Organic with Alce Nero

Alce Nero, the leading organic brand in Italy, is inviting the public to Go Organic with Alce Nero for a certain period to discover organic eating and its effects on your health and well-being. To make it easier to adopt organic food into your daily diet, Alce Nero has created a series of delicious, easy to prepare recipes that will take you through breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snacks and desserts! 

For a start, you must try the Alce Nero range of extraordinary jams, spreads and honey including the newly introduced Alce Nero Organic Blueberry Jam, and the Alce Nero Organic Chestnut Spread that retail for RM22.90 each. 

Alce Nero Organic Blueberry Jam is made from more than 100 grams of fruit per 100 grams of finished product; without pectin, artificial flavoring or food colouring. The organically grown and harvested berries are cooked using the vacuum-pan method that uses low temperatures and extremely short cooking time to preserve the aroma, flavour and conserve nutrients.

The unique Alce Nero Organic Chestnut Spread has a sweet, intense flavour, with an easy to spread consistency. Only chestnuts cultivated in Italy are used to make the chestnut compote, without any added pectin. 

Alce Nero has a wide range of pastas, pasta sauces, jams, olive oil and vinegars for a complete health conscious but tasty meal. You can get the recipes that have been created by Alce Nero at https://alcenero.asia/recipes.html to try your hands in cooking and make these easy recipes at home to satisfy your cravings.

Visit Alce Nero’s Facebook page and instagram to Go Organic with Alce Nero. Alce Nero Organic Products are sold at AEON, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer and selected supermarkets.

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