Who is getting bored of the traditional Yee Sang? Hands up if you are! As people are getting more and more creative nowadays, we can see a lot of unique Yee Sang in Klang Valley. From healthy version Yee Sang to sinful Yee Sang, we have included 5 unique Yee Sang that you must try in this Chinese New Year!

  1. Fifth palate

Are you a vegetarian? Fifth Palate has a variety of Yee Sang for you to choose from, from vegetarian to normal yet delicious Yee Sang, they’ve got you covered! All of the Yee Sang comes with lemongrass, ginger torch flower, kaffir lime leaves, pickled ginger and various other condiments.

2. The Big Bad Wolf

This is dedicated to people who can’t ‘live’ without pork! The Big Bad Wolf has come out with The Piggy Yee Sang that features smoked bacon, crispy wonton wrapper and imported Italian ham. What are you waiting for? Eat it before CNY ends!


Say yes to another pork-infused Yee Sang! Ante’s Jamon Iberico Yee Sang has hand-cut Jamon Iberico slices that are laid with fresh fruits and vegetables such as pomegranate, orange, cucumber, pomelo and etc.

4. Papasan Canteen


What can you find from this Asian fusion restaurant? Of course, the Fruity Rainbow Yee Sang that features a variety of unique ingredients such as grapefruits, strawberries, octopus, salmon and many more!

5. The Good Co

We have included another healthy and vegetarian-friendly Yee Sang for vegetarian readers! At The Good Co, their Yee Sang is made with fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, daikon, beetroot, cucumber, pomelo, lime leaves, papaya. Not forget to mention their housemade dressings – Honey Ginseng Plum sauce is the boom!

Featured Image: www.thegoodco.my

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