#CNY2019: 5 Ways to Feel Better After Eating Too Much

As we celebrate the start of the lunar new year, we are bound to overindulge in delicious holiday foods such as pineapple tarts, kuih kapit etc. After an overindulgence, you feel tired or bloated and your system may feel sluggish.

So, You Ate Too Much… What Do You Do Now?

Here are 5 tips offered by Susan Bowerman, Senior Director of Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training at Herbalife Nutrition:

1Sip a Healthy Smoothie

Source: dinneratthezoo.com

Try starting your morning with a healthy smoothie that includes some fresh greens (like baby spinach or baby kale), a bit of fruit (like mango, orange or pineapple), fresh or powdered ginger, some protein powder, and blend with coconut water.

Why: Starting your day off with something light, yet filling, will help you feel like you’re back on track. Ginger will help to soothe your digestive system, and the fruits, veggies and coconut water provide water to help you rehydrate. And, the protein helps to keep you full and satisfied until your next meal.

2Take a Brisk Walk

Follow your healthy breakfast with a brisk 30 – 45 minute walk.

Why: Physical activity helps to stimulate the smooth muscles in your lower digestive tract which will help your system to run smoothly and promote regularity, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re burning some of those extra calories you ate the day before.

3Have a Low-calorie, Healthy Caffeinated Beverage

Have a low-calorie, healthy caffeinated beverage mid-morning, like a cup of black tea or coffee, or an iced coffee or latte made with non-fat milk.

Why: A small shot of caffeine can reduce that sluggish feeling, helping you feel more awake and alert. Just be sure to limit your choice to something low in calories, rather than some of those high calorie coffee drinks from your local coffee house.

4Incorporate More Produce

Aim to eat more fruits or vegetables at every meal. This is good advice any time, but especially important after a day of overdoing it.

Why: Not only to fruits and veggies have fewer calories per bite, they are also rich sources of potassium and water. Fluids and potassium help your body get rid of excess sodium, which can help you feel less bloated. And, you’ll feel better overall about your eating habits when you’ve filled your day with healthy fruits and veggies.

5Eat Fish

Have a serving of fish, such as some tuna flaked over a green salad for lunch, or some grilled salmon for dinner.

Why: Fish is an excellent source of B-complex vitamins, which your body uses to turn the foods you eat into energy, and also to help you metabolize alcohol. After a heavy meal, your body has placed a high demand on B-vitamins and, if your over-indulgence included alcohol, the demand was even higher. Since your body doesn’t store these vitamins, it’s critically important that they be replenished.

Cover image: chinesenewyear.net