Having a nutritious diet is vital for good well-being. Not only it helps you live longer by preventing chronic diseases, healthy eating also improves quality of life and overall health.

Living in a world that is so fast-paced, healthy eating is being perceive as tough, something that is virtually impossible for Malaysian. The reality is, it’s not necessary to change your entire meal plan to adapt healthy eating habits, but rather by making small tweaks to your lifestyle.

Here’s some tips to get started.

1. Start by cleaning out the refrigerator and kitchen, replace that junk food with colourful fruits, vegetables, and healthy nuts. It’s easier to consume healthy food when they are at your finger tip.

Image: huffpost.com
Image: huffpost.com

2. Practice mindful eating. Tune in to your body’s hunger and satiety cues, so you’re not overeating or eating too less. This can also helps save you from caving into cravings.

3. Cut back on alcohol. While it’s normal to have a drink or two during a holiday celebration, do you know when you’ve had enough? Moderation is key. Set a limit, and keep track of the amount you’ve drink. Alcohol is basically worthless in terms of nutrition. It would be even better if you could quit drinking.

Image: medicaldaily.com
Image: medicaldaily.com

4. Get cooking, eat more meals at home. Skip McDonald’s and KFC. When you’re in control of what you cook and how you cook it, you’re actually practicing mindful eating. Also, home-cooked meals can do wonders for your health, if you sneak veggies into everything.

5. Make one day of the week meatless day. There are numerous studies that show that a plant-based diet is associated with reduced obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, as well as increased longevity.

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