Wasabi is a flavor-packed condiment eaten with sushi which looks like a green ball of paste. We see it almost all the time when we are dining in Japanese restaurant, but have you ever wondered about its benefits?

There are many reasons why you should consume wasabi. Due to its nutrients and capabilities in curing sickness, wasabi is being widely used in many parts of the world. Today we are going to discuss about the benefit of wasabi to your health and trust me; you will never look at wasabi the same way again after discovering its benefits.

Wasabi helps to defend against bacterial infections

Image: Exploredia.com
Image: Exploredia.com

It is said that the wasabi paste is created as a mean of flavouring sushi along with other raw fish product because wasabi being anti-bacterial in nature. The leaves and stems of Wasabi are used to prepare anti-bacterial remedies.

Anti-microbial agents are accountable for eradicating bacteria. However it doesn’t mean that you should not be cooking your fish. The only way to fully removing potential bacteria from raw food is to cook them.

Wasabi consists of amazing digestive properties

Wasabi is not irritating to the stomach. For this reason it can be used as a digestive stimulant to cure digestion problems such as poor appetite and diarrhea.

Wasabi is a good source of vitamin C

Image: Colourbox.com
Image: Colourbox.com

Wasabi is rich in Vitamin C which can help increase our body’s defenses. That being said, you can take Wasabi to prevent colds, or you can consume Wasabi once you have a cold to treat it.

Wasabi can be used to cure cancer

Known for its anti-oxidant actions, eating wasabi can help protect body cells from free radicals that are responsible for causing cancer. Apart from that the isothiocyanates present in wasabi can prevent the formation of blood clots that help prevent thrombosis.

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