Living in a world where the media is constantly bombarding you with countless images of body shapes and figures that are photoshopped to perfection according to the general perception, one can’t help but feel inept and insecure in his or her own skin.

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This would often lead to the need to alter one’s physical aspects, seeking ‘improvements’ in order to exterminate the body image insecurity that is so inherently deep-rooted in our society. More often than not, most people would turn to extreme diets to look stick-thin, applying layers and layers of make-ups to cover up the ‘imperfections’, or go to the extreme by having plastic surgeries that may leave one devoid of his or her own self-identity or even disfigured.

The video above perfectly conveys how ‘beauty’ is perceived in different time and place. Therefore, bear in mind that what seems ‘imperfect’ today, may just be the trending definition of ‘beauty’ tomorrow.

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