THREE Introducing The Renewal of Iconic Balancing Line

After 10 years of its debut, THREE is proud to introduce the renewal of the iconic Balancing line. The brand is now focused on the relationship between internal rhythm and skin while staying true to the ethos of using only the wisdom of plants to restore the complexion to the way it should naturally be.

With the new and modern formulation, women who live in a fast-paced urban world can find their own rhythm again as they rediscover the beauty of balance in the mind, body and skin.

All 7 products of the latest Balancing line are certified by COSMOS, an internationally-recognised organic certification standard. Each product has passed all the strict requirements and guidelines for the cultivation method of the plant ingredients, environment-friendliness of the manufacturing processes and recycling of the containers.

The new Balancing line is specially-created to awaken skin’s natural rhythm and restore its healthy balance with the power of plants.  After decades of extensive research into the properties of Tea Plant, THREE has developed a new active ingredient as the star ingredient of the Balancing line.

Tea Flower Extract will work to help to calm and tightens the skin and it can be effective for ageing care. For the new Balancing line, THREE have developed an original blend of essential oils, which helps to regulate the rhythms of the mind, body and skin. It restores the skin cell turnover and the skin’s moisture balance, leaving the skin supple and damage-resistant. The scent carries notes of Oriental citrus green, effectively brightening up the spirit after every application.

  • Frankincense Oil: Hydrates, firms, relaxes and stabilizes the mind and body. Sweet and spicy aroma.
  • Bergamot Fruit Oil: Keeps skin clean and smooth. Refreshing citrus aroma.
  • Geranium Oil: Calms, moisturizes and softens skin while promoting blood flow. Sweet, sensuous aroma.

The star product of this Balancing line is the Balancing Cleansing Oil (185ml, RM185) which has 100% naturally-derived ingredients. With excellent cleansing and beauty benefits, the golden oil melts into skin to rapidly melt away makeup, UV protection, pollutants and impurities, leaving skin feeling supple and velvety. It also gently removes dead skin cell buildup for a brighter, even-textured appearance. Key ingredients are Carrot Root Extract, an oil-soluble extract obtained from organic carrots grown by farmers in Hokkaido. Rich in vitamins, it keeps the skin moisturised as well as calming and conditioning it.

The new THREE Balancing line (certified organic by COSMOS) is now available at all THREE stores and counters nationwide. Visit here for more information.

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