[Video] Why You Should Reap The Health Benefits of A Body Massage

Oh, how we love getting massages whether it’s just on our legs or whole body, it’s one of the best ways to treat ourselves! There are so many massage styles too such as Thai, Swedish, Balinese and more. The word, massage, is a term used when you’re pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. But other than it’s feel good factor, a body massage is known for its numerous health benefits.

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Here are the top 5 benefits of a body massage for your health.

1. Stress relief

It’s a no-brainer that stress takes a huge toll on your body, from signs such as headaches, low energy levels, and mood swings. A body massage can help to take those stress away, as you put most of your focus on the massage, as the masseuse press out kinks on your body. If you’re having a body massage while on vacation, it’s an even bigger stress reliever.

2. Relieves tight & sore muscles

Most of us suffer from a tensed neck, shoulders and back especially when you’re sitting at your desk all day and typing on the phone. So getting a massage will ease out the tension and help to improve your posture too.

3. Improves blood circulation

One of the long-term effects of getting regular body massages, your body will have better blood circulation, where the smoother oxygen flow can help repair your tense muscles and flush out metabolic waste more efficiently.

4. Helps you sleep better

Massages can help your body and mind to relax which in turn, makes it easier for you to go to sleep and improves your sleep quality too. Noticed how you wake up the next day feeling more refreshed than before?

5. Lowers blood pressure

As your body relaxes and all those pressing and rubbing has soothe your tense muscles, your blood pressure will be lower. But it’s best to consult with your masseuse or your doctor to see which type of massage is suitable for you.

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  • With four different massage functions such as shiatsu, kneading, pounding and tapping, you can easily customize the massage to suit your mood through the Smartphone App or choose from its preset programs.
  • The two-way leg massage function helps to soothe your sore calves and feet to give you more spring to your step.

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