Solve 2 Skin Concerns Simultaneously With The New Laneige Two Tone Sheet Masks

Solve 2 Skin Concerns Simultaneously With The New Laneige Two Tone Sheet

Most of us battle with combination skin or we want our mask routine to solve more than one skin concern so when we found out that LANEIGE will be releasing a new Two Tone Sheet Mask range next month, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to add this to your beauty routine.

The LANEIGE Two Tone Sheet Mask features a separate top and bottom Microfiber sheets made of a 0.01 denier Microfiber, the world’s only microfiber as compared to the regular fibers at 1.5 denier so the ampoule of the sheet masks can be fully absorbed into your skin.

It comes in 4 various combinations to tackle different skin concerns along with vibrant and fun colours of the sheet mask, making your skincare regime a fun and colourful one. Choose among the combinations of Moisturizing & Lifting, Pore Care & Relaxing, Brightening & Hydrating, and Clearing & Nourishing.

1. Moisturizing & Lifting, RM15

For bouncy looking cheeks and a firmer V line.

  • Top Sheet: A deep blue sheet to refresh and provide moisture to your skin; packed with hydro ion mineral water, advanced ceramide water and Quinoa Seed extracts to moisturize a dry T-Zone and the areas around the eyes and cheeks.
  • Bottom Sheet: A clean white sheet with a Skin Fit Up™ technology that gives the cheeks and jaw a supple and firm V-line with the extracts of Carob Bean.

2. Pore Care & Relaxing, RM15

Help to tighten pores on the T-Zone and soothes the skin around the lips area.

  • Top Sheet: A refreshing mint coloured mask with extracts of Pine Needles to control excessive sebum while moisturizing the skin, leaving it smooth without a feeling of tightness.
  • Bottom Sheet: A pretty combination of yellow and green sheet with Hinoki Cypress extracts to soothe the skin with its active ingredients.

3. Brightening & Hydrating, RM15

For smooth, shiny and glowy skin.

  • Top Sheet: A berry pink sheet mask that contains super berry extracts to purify the T-Zone and the areas around the eyes and cheeks, leaving it clear and bright.
  • Bottom Sheet: A sky-blue coloured mask containing hydro ion mineral water to moisturize and to provide hydration to any dryness surrounding the lips.

4. Clearing & Nourishing, RM15

Nourishes and removes excess sebum for clearer and brighter skin.

  • Top Sheet: A chic grey coloured mask soaked in essence of Charcoal and Cocoa Walnut to control excessive sebum surrounding the T-Zone.
  • Bottom Sheet: A yellow sheet mask to mimic the oil extracts of a Passion Flower to nourish the skin for a more radiant look.

The Laneige Two Tone Sheet Masks are retailing for RM15 each and will be available at selected Laneige boutiques (Atria Shopping Gallery (G30), Queensbay Mall, Penang (GF-100 & 145), Komtar JBCC, Johor (G25), Pavilion Elite KL (Lot 4.106.02), Sunway Velocity (G-20), MyTOWN Shopping Centre (G-029), KLCC (C11)) from February 2018 onwards.

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