Sisley Paris’ All Day All Year 2022 Reinvented with a Protective Skincare to Boost Skin’s Self-Defence Capabilities

In 2005, Sisley Paris introduced the innovative All Day All Year, its first anti-aging skincare “shield” capable of protecting skin from external aggressors for 8 hours straight. Over 15 years later in 2022, drawing on the latest discoveries about the negative effects of environmental stressors on the skin, Sisley’s Laboratories have further developed the formula, making it even more innovative and powerful.

As we all know, a constant barrage of environmental stressors – including pollution, UV rays and smoking – disrupts the process of cell renewal and leads to premature aging. With a combination of “smart” active ingredients, All Day All Year 2022 offers a comprehensive defence strategy to protect the skin from the external aggressors responsible for premature ageing. When the skin assesses the environmental danger, All Day All Year will activate the protection mechanisms that will allow it to overcome the impact of the aggressors that cause premature ageing.

Through its physical and biological shields, All Day All Year offers an extensive defence strategy to protect the skin from daily aggressors. The physical shield protects the skin at the surface before external aggressors have the time to alter its cells, through three mechanisms of protection, including enhanced UVA/UVB protection. And an anti-UV shield effective for 8 hours straight against UVAs and UVBs provides the skin with ideal urban protection. The encapsulated UVA and UVB filters stay on the surface without entering the skin. They provide stable photo-protection all day long and ensure the formula has optimal tolerance. The photo-stability has been optimised to ensure even more stable and effective protection. While the biology shield acts deep down within the skin to reactivate its self-defence capabilities through four mechanisms of protection.

Formulated with the naturally-derived formula contains a cocktail of plant-based active ingredients to protect and strengthen the skin, All Day All Year provides an ultra-powerful protection system through 3 actions:

  1. Inhibit aggressors;
  2. Limit the harmful combination of UV/pollution and the oxidative cascade responsible for skin damage; and
  3. Intensely stimulate the skin’s defence system.

Through this powerful and ultra-comprehensive system, All Day All Year “reboots” the skin’s beauty by giving it all the resources to defend itself in an urban environment. The harmful synergy of UV/pollution is inhibited and the skin is less overwhelmed. It can deal with urban aggressors. Its natural defence system operates optimally again, allowing it to protect itself against accelerated aging and to recover its inner force.

All Day All Year is universal and perfectly suited to women and men of any age. With a moisturising formula, it can be used alone or incorporated into any other routine as a protective “top coat” worn over daily skincare. Its texture is comfortable, soft and silky, scented with a delicate botanical fragrance of Sage, Marjoram and Juniper berries.

The reinvented All Day All Year will be launched officially in April 2022. Stay tuned!

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