Shu Uemura Unveils the New blackOil: A Pore-Purifying Powerhouse for Oily and Combination Skin

Inspired by the philosophy “Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin”, Shu Uemura continues its legacy of innovative cleansers with the introduction of the blackOil Pore Purifying Fresh Cleansing Oil.

The new Shu Uemura blackOil Pore Purifying Fresh Cleansing Oil combines powerful yet gentle ingredients to deliver a complete cleanse. Enriched with Japanese black rice, boasting over 18 amino acids, it nourishes and safeguards the skin by preventing the degradation of collagen and hyaluronic acid – vital components for youthful skin. Meanwhile, Japanese charcoal acts like a magnet, drawing out impurities without stripping away essential moisture, leaving your skin refreshed and balanced. To further enhance radiance, a gentle AHA/LHA complex buffs away dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, brighter complexion and minimizing the appearance of pesky blackheads.

Specifically design for oily and combination skin types, this all-in-one cleanser simplifies your skincare regimen while delivering exceptional results. It effortlessly removes dirt, dust, excess sebum, and even waterproof mascara, leaving your skin feeling clean and balanced.

The blackOil Pore Purifying Fresh Cleansing Oil retails for RM470 and is available at Sephora stores, online, and all Shu Uemura locations.

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