#NewIn: The History of Whoo Introduces Cheongidan Illuminating Renegerating Eye Serum to Brighten Eye Area

Korean high-end luxury skincare brand, The History of Whoo presents the latest Cheongidan Illuminating Renegerating Eye Serum that makes the skin around the eyes look brighter by awakening skin’s own radiance. Formulated with a reinterpreted royal secret formula, this new eye serum soothes irritated skin around the eyes caused by an external environment and brightens complexion by removing murky energy from skin.

The Cheongidan Illuminating Renegerating Eye Serum works based on a 3-phrase theory:

  • On the first phrase, the eye serum purifies skin base by promoting blood circulation;
  • on the second phrase, the eye serum regenerates the intrinsic radiance from the skin; and
  • finally, the eye serum delivers glowing resilience with pearl extract.

The eye serum possess soft and refreshing texture that leaves a non-sticky finish as it is absorbed immediately into skin. In particular, this all-day eye serum in nourishing texture can be used before applying makeup and at the morning skincare step as it smoothly adheres to thin, sensitive skin around the eyes.

The Cheongidan Illuminating Renegerating Eye Serum will be available in a special gift set in a limited quantity at the price of RM780 from the 1 September 2020. The gift set consists of a 25ml of Cheongidan Illuminating Renegerating Eye Serum and comes with 2 deluxe-sized Cheongidan Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer (25ml), Cheongidan Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion (25ml) and a massager that worth RM955 in total.

The Cheongidan Illuminating Regenerating Eye Serum Special Gift Set will be available at all major The History of Whoo beauty counters, boutique country-wide and online e-stores at Lazada and Zalora.

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