#NewIn: Level Up Your Skincare With Sustainably-Sourced Super Lotus from Fresh

Fresh’s bestselling Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream which features the revolutionary multi-action ingredient, Super Lotus, having two new products joining its range, which are Lotus Youth Preserve Face Moisturizer and Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream.

Fresh’s Super Lotus ingredient highlighted in the new moisturizer, eye cream and well-loved dream cream is obtained through a highly sustainable patented process, capturing the natural power of the whole living lotus plant directly at the source. Plants are hand-picked right from the water while they are in full bloom at Ten Mile Creek Farm, between late June through mid-August, and processed with its innovative technology utilises an on-site mobile lab so that the lotus doesn’t have to leave the farm for processing.

With this groundbreaking method and new multi-action ingredient, fresh’s Super Lotus stands as a powerful single ingredient boosts radiance, strengthens skins’ barrier and protects against invisible aggressors that cause premature aging.

1Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer

Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer, in an easy to wear, lightweight, creamy texture that’s perfect to set your skin for makeup. It’s proven to visibly smooth skin and improve radiance.

2Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream

Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream, a ultra- light creamy formula that illuminates the eye area for a radiant, rested appearance.

3Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream

Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream, a lightweight, whipped treatment that supports the skin at night. The Lotus Dream Cream detoxifies and destresses the skin, minimizing and preventing the first signs of aging. It also delivers essential antioxidant protection, allowing your skin to focus on recovering more efficiently while you sleep.

The new Super Lotus products have been launched in January 2020.

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