#NewIn: innisfree Introduces the Limited Edition Green Tea Seed Serum Paper Bottle

innisfree, the Korean beauty brand which has been synonymous with Jeju Island since its inception, its skin care products are imbued with key ingredients native to the island, while most of its makeup products draw inspiration from the colours of Jeju. The brand stands firm on their principle that they would restore everything that they had taken away from the island through their 4R principle (reduce, recycle, reuse, and renew).

In line with their sustainability efforts and a step forward in upholding the brand’s commitment to cleaner, greener beauty, innisfree is introducing a jumbo-sized Limited Edition Green Tea Seed Serum Paper Bottle which is created with 51.8% less plastic than its standard counterpart (160ml). All the goodness of the Green Tea Seed Serum is contained within the Paper Bottle’s inner plastic lining, while it sports an unbleached outer paper mould. When Paper Bottle is empty, consumers can simply remove its label, pull apart its two halves, and recycle its parts separately.

It’s fitting that the first product to sport this sustainable packaging is Green Tea Seed Serum, the brand’s no.1 best-selling serum. It’s a Skin-loving formula with Earth-loving packaging. Its most recent formulation uses Beauty Green Tea, an ingredient harvested especially for the skin, which contains 16 kinds of moisture amino acids™. Use Green Tea Seed Serum right after cleansing to deliver moisture deep into the 10th layer of the skin.

Meaningful steps were taken to reduce material waste with the recent store identity revamp which began with a renovation of the Pavilion KL outlet. The store is home to a flexible display system that can be modified and adapted to fit a wide range of different products. The brand is also working on gradually reducing the amount of plastic in their product packaging and making structural design changes to products that will allow them to be easily recycled after use. Additionally, it is taking steps toward eventually incorporating recycled plastic in its products’ packaging.

For more information about innisfree’s Limited Edition Green Tea Seed Serum Paper Bottle, visit www.innisfree.com or follow innisfree’s Facebook and Instagram.

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