New In: Laneige White Dew Skincare Line Hits Malaysia Shore

We previously reported that Laneige has created the world’s first patented moisture whitening skin care line named White Dew which consists of six products made for women who desire to keep their skin well hydrated while achieve a healthy complexion.

In conjunction with its launch in Mid-March, we were given the first look of the White Dew range yesterday at Ex8 Building in SS13, Subang.


video-01Guests at the launch of White Dew felt as though they were walking on clouds as the venue was transformed with motives of water drops and a misty feel to reflect the Water Science Technology behind the world’s first patented moisture whitening skin care line.

Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager of Laneige, said they were out on a mission to unleash the Sparkling Beauty in Asian women.

Winnie Foong, Brand General Manager of Laneige.
Winnie Foong, Brand General Manager of Laneige.

“Hydration and moisture plays a fundamental role in skin brightening. White Dew is Laneige’s patented moisture whitening product based on holding water in the skin to brighten skin tone. Having better skin tone is definitely #missiondewable,” said Foong.

Foong also disclosed that the secret behind White Dew is to control melanin, as most skin tone concerns are normally melanin-related. For example, brightness in skin tone is closely related to melanin formation, while melanin linked to yellowish tones is normally the main cause of skin dullness.

To illustrate how simple it is to brighten skin tones and mitigate reddish or yellowish skin tone, Laneige Beauty Trainer, Camiellia Choo discuss on the merits of White Dew, including the Water Science Technology, which comprises a combination of Mela-vita Crusher™ technology and Phyto-sugar Water.

Camiellia Choo, Laneige Beauty Trainer.

To unleash the Sparkling Beauty in you, Choo shared how the seven products under the White Dew range can help achieve brighter and clearer skin. The products can be found at here.

The complete Laneige White Dew moisture whitening skin care range will be available starting Mid-March at all Laneige beauty counters and boutiques nationwide. The Original Cream and Capsule Sleeping Pack will be upgraded in July 2017.

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