Sleep To Beautiful Skin With LANEIGE’s New Sleeping Mask Range

Sleep To Beautiful Skin With LANEIGE’s New Sleeping Mask

Studies have shown that a minimum of five hours of sleep is needed per night for the skin to replenish and rejuvenate. Since the skin on our face is thinner than the rest of our body, we have to put more delicate care to it. A research conducted by LANEIGE revealed that lack of sleep or sleep deprivation deeply effects skin moisture levels, texture, clarity and pore-related skin indicators – to name a few.

LANEIGE being the sleeping mask technology experts, worked over the years and have formulated with the latest moisture locking technology to introduce new products to the sleeping mask range such as the Eye Sleeping Mask, LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask Lavender (Limited Edition!), and Lip Sleeping Mask in new scents!

These are the three awesome technology behind these sleeping masks:


The Sleep-Tox™ Purification technology promotes clearer and revitalized looking skin. It restore and repair the skin as it is exposed to numerous damaging external aggressors during the day. Tapping into the optimum time to boost detoxification and purification functions in the skin, the Sleep-Tox™ technology, which contains Hunza Apricot and Evening Primrose extract, activates the purification genes and normalizes the skin fatigue rate caused by daytime stressors.

Moisture Wrap™ Technology

This technology emulates a porous moisture film that locks in moisture to keep the skin, that can fall victim to dehydration, well moisturized. The active ingredients that it contains, such as Hydro Ion mineral water, Evening Primrose extracts and Hunza Apricot, are stabilized within the dense beta-glucan mineral network. Moisture Wrap™ also works to keep the active ingredient found in Sleep-Tox™ well balanced, continuously feeding the skin with moisture for 8 hours through the night.

Sleepscent™ Technology

Sleepscent™ relaxes the mind and body to promote deep sleep. Developed with an exclusively patented fragrance for LANEIGE, Sleepscent™ strengthens the skin’s regenerative ability that improves the quality of sleep by prolonging stages that denote deep sleep. It contains natural extracts of orange fruit, flower rose, sandalwood oil, and Ylang Ylang. The aromatic scent helps to soothe and relax the mind and body to bolster sleep quality.

LANEIGE Eye Sleeping Mask, RM145 (25ml)

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask-Pamper.myFormulated with the latest Sleep-Circular™, Moisture Wrap™ and Sleep-Tox™ technology, the Eye Sleeping Mask improves circulation, hydrates, and purifies the delicate skin around the eyes to promote improved eye zone complexion. The Sleepscent™ technology exudes soothing and aromatic lavender scent that helps improve sleep quality.

With regular use, the skin around the eyes will appear brighter too. The ceramic ball applicator that comes with the Eye Sleeping mask acts as a massager that is to be used before and after sleep to help the smooth gel to be absorbed into your eye area to lock-in the moisture.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask Lavender, RM120 (70ml)

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask Lavender-Pamper.myAt the same time, LANEIGE is releasing the new limited-edition Water Sleeping Mask with Sleepscent™ lavender. The all-new lavender scent with help to further relax you to help sleep better. This is the first scented Water Sleeping Mask edition that will be released since the launch of the product, 15 years ago.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, RM75 (25g) each

Formulated with the Moisture Wrap™ technology and Berry Mix Complex™, the Lip Sleeping Mask combats dry, flaky and chapped lips. Made of a balm-like texture to ensure longer lasting application, it has been carefully formulated to provide your lips with amazing lip care benefits. Now with 4 new flavour variants such as Berry, Grapefruit, Apple Lime and Vanilla scents, you can pick your favourite scent to get those kissable lips the next morning.

The Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask will retail at RM145 (25ml) and the Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry, Grapefruit, Apple Lime and Vanilla scents will retail at RM75 (25g) each and both will be available at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques nationwide from May 2017 onwards.

Whereas the limited edition LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask Lavender will retail at RM120 (70ml) and will be available at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques nationwide from May 2017 to June 2017 only.

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