Japan’s Leading Hand Wash Brand ‘Kirei Kirei’ Debuts in Malaysia

Kirei Kirei, which means “Clean Clean” in Japanese, is an anti-bacterial foaming hand wash that has finally made its debut in Malaysia. It is the one of the leading hand wash brands in Japan that provides anti-bacterial product with 100% cleansing ingredients derived from plants provide 99.9% anti-bacterial protection to effectively remove germs, and is dermatologically tested to be gentle and safe for children and suitable to be used for the whole family.

One of Kirei Kirei’s uniqueness is its rich, creamy foam or fine bubbles which children love! As its foam has 12 times more volume than ordinary liquid hand wash, it lathers easily without water and spreads thoroughly all over the hands from palms to fingertips. It also rinses off easily after scrubbing. In essence, this bubbly, fun and easy-to-use foaming hand wash provides loving parents the ideal ‘tool’ to practise hand washing together with their children and foster family bond as they guide their kids to build a lifetime habit.

Furthermore, Kirei Kirei also possesses other benefits such as:

  • cost effectiveness – lesser amount of soap is required to achieve effective cleanliness in each wash;
  • lesser water consumption — users need less water to lather and rinse off; and
  • no more messy wash as foam sticks to the hands and don’t drip off like liquid hand wash!

Kirei Kirei is best used with its bottle which comes with a unique pump, specially designed to generate very fine and creamy foam that easily lifts dirt off hands.

Kirei Kirei anti-bacterial foaming hand wash comes in two variants: Moisturizing Peach and Nourishing Berries. Each variant is available in the 250 ml bottle and 200 ml refill pack formats. Each bottle retails at the recommended price of RM12.50; and each refill pack at RM8.50. Purchase Kirei Kirei products from selected AEON and AEON Wellness, Don Don Donki in Lot 10 or have them delivered to your doorstep by ordering on Lazada or Shopee today!

For more information about Kirei Kirei, check out its official Malaysia Facebook page at facebook.com/kireikireimalaysia or Kirei Kirei website at kireikirei.com.my.

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