Enhance Beauty Routine with Farmskin’s Natural and Nutritional Skincare

For the first time ever, Farmskin which originated from South Korea and has been selling out in over 30 countries, will be available in Malaysia brought to you by Beaute Mori. Developed in collaboration with Konkuk University, the leader of agriculture and life sciences in South Korea, every Farmskin product contains natural components from each superfood to help keep the skin hydrated, ensures the renewal of cells, contains anti-inflammation properties and nourishes the skin giving it good health and vitality.

Farmskin was launched in 2017 which the mission to provide ethical, natural and healthy skincare made with the highest quality ingredients from Mother Nature for beautiful and smooth skin and to complement a balanced lifestyle. Farmskin is a colostrum-specialized brand that combines superfood extracts to make skincare products which preserve the original and abundant nutrients of colostrum and the natural benefits of superfoods, thanks to their own, self-developed and patented technology.

Under Farmskin, there are 2 brands of skincare and they are Fresh Food for Skin and Superfood for Skin. Both are a combination of colostrum and extract of fruits and superfood.  All Farmskin products are cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients. The facial mask is made with natural fibre of hi-tencel material and is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

For more information of Farmskin products, visit www.farmskinmalaysia.com or follow Farmskin’s FB and IG @farmskin_malaysia. Farmskin is also available on Shopee at Farmskin Official Store.

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