Decorté Introduces NEW Hydra Clarity Collection for Translucent Skin

Decorté, the Japanese cosmetics brand under Kosé’s high-prestige beauty portfolio, introduces Hydra Clarity, a new skincare line formulated with Bihada-to, a proprietary complex that helps promote skin vitality through the energies of sugar.

As sugar is an excellent source of energy, DECORTÉ studied its impact on the skin and found that an original sugar complex Bihada-to helps maintain the beautiful structure of corneocytes, retain moisture better, and support the circulation of the clarity cycle.

The Bihada-to complex consists of Isomerized Sugar, Clove Extract and Mugwort Extract, that helps improve skin’s evenness, texture and overall radiance. With the Bihada-to effect, corneocytes turnover rates are healthy, forming newly created cells in the ideal shape to adhere strongly. This, in result, creates a stratum corneum that strongly resists external stimulation while storing moisture better. Ultimately, skin is even textured and filled with a moisture barrier that makes the skin appears translucent.

With the new Hydra Clarity skincare line, skin is perfectly treated to a formula that is backed by the science of skin translucency. All products contains Bihada-to, Hydra Clarity’s original complex ingredient to help create skin that is filled with translucency and continues to feel freshly moisturised through the day. The ingredient is encapsulated in a micro no animal-derived raw material capsule so it can penetrate throughout skin’s stratum corneum with excellent absorption and affinity to the skin, moisture travelling through all layers. Its elegant Green Floral Powdery scent envelopes your mind with complete relaxation each time you apply the skincare.

Hydra Clarity Treatment Essence Water

A medicated lotion that prevents rough skin and acne, filling skin with translucency drawn out by its outstanding moisturising ingredients. Recommended too for after-sun care.

Hydra Clarity Conditioning Treatment Softener

A milky lotion that softens the skin with emollient and biosimilar ingredients for a sense of suppleness and silky smooth texture with minimal appearance of pores. Envelopes skin with a dewy moisturising veil to protect from dryness and friction. Skin appears brighter and more translucent.

Hydra Clarity Restorative Concentrate Cream

A cream that richly moisturises with a light and airy veil, resulting in a brand new glow. Blends into skin without being sticky and provides skin with a clear luster and translucency. Prevents dullness caused by dryness and helps maintain a suppleness and smoothness for hours that is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Hydra Clarity Micro Essence Cleansing Emulsion

A light emulsion-base milk cleanser that smoothly blends with makeup and dirt to remove them quickly and effectively. No double cleansing required. Contains oil and cleansing ingredients to unclog pores so skin is clean and clear after cleansing. Emollient oil blends smoothly with skin to fix roughness and dullness due to dryness for softer skin with the appearance of a fine texture.

Hydra Clarity Tone Up Gel Cleanser

A gel-type foamless facial cleanser formulated with Hydra Clarity’s beauty ingredients and plant-derived selective cleansing ingredients that thoroughly removes sebum, dirt and blackheads while protecting moisture that is needed for your skin. Green tea and peppermint extracts suppress oxidation on skin and enhance resistance. It also removes old keratin and roughness that cause dullness, brightening your skin each time you wash.

Hydra Clarity Treatment Essence Illuminating Masks

A soft, supple facial mask with outstanding adhesiveness to the skin, filling it up with high concentrations of a unique translucence and moisture complex ingredient for skin to remain moisturised with freshness. Reduces the appearance of pores for plump, bouncy skin. Fits comfortably onto skin. Just five minutes to replenish skin moisture on all levels.

All products are paraben free, non-comedogenic and allergy tested. You can now shop for DECORTÉ products at their official online store at Follows their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on DECORTÉ news and latest skincare products.

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