[ comfort zone ] Introduces Sublime Skin Corrector and Color Perfect SPF 50 for Hyperpigmentation

With increasing age and external factors such as stress, UV-rays, pollution etc, our skin changes and shows sign of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. Some even experience hyperpigmentation or what you call “dark spots” on their faces.

In a bid to make even complexion realisable, [ comfort zone ] research and development has examined different and relevant disciplines of studies and dermatological treatments, to develop a highly effective preventative and corrective formula for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. As a result, [ comfort zone ] has introduced the Sublime Skin Corrector and the Color Perfect SPF 50, the perfect duo as a daily remedy to sporting an almost spotless complexion.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector and Color Perfect SPF 50
The main inspiration for [comfort zone ] formulation is the Kligman’s Triad, which combines medical grade ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory cortisone, melanin production inhibiting hydroquinone, and retinoic acid to exfoliate and even-out the complexion. These ingredients can only be used by dermatologists owing to their potential side effects. [ comfort zone ]’s proprietary TRI-WHITE COMPLEX in the Sublime Skin Corrector offers the same three corrective actions with safe, natural and high-tech ingredients tested for daily home applications without any contraindications.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector
The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector is a concentration of medical grade ingredients that treat hyperpigmentation. The formula acts to give a brightening action, control the synthesis of melanin responsible for age pigmentations, promote exfoliation and accelerate cell turnover. It effectively reduces the visibility of spots on the skin for a more even and younger looking skin.

The highly graded and concentrated formula of the Sublime Skin Corrector includes [comfort zone ]’s Tri-White Complex which is composed of an anti-inflammatory organic Physalis Angulata that reduces inflammation and oxidation, 4-N-Butlyresorcinol and Punarnava that inhibits the production and transfer of melanin hence skin discolorations, and Keratolytic Enzyme that promotes exfoliation and desquamation of pigmented skin.

The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector is to be applied to the specific spotted areas on the skin every morning and followed by sunblock, and every night before the moisturiser.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50
The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50 is a color tone perfecting cream with UVA/UVB wide spectrum protection and it is fortified for treating the visible consequences of photo-aging while you are out and about in the day.

It has a silky texture that is also lightly tinted for an immediate even appearance of the skin. The main ingredients of the Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50 include Palmitoyl Glycine peptide that act against photo-aging and the degenerative effects of the sun on collagen, UVA and UVB filters to effectively protects the skin from ultraviolet rays which cause hyperpigmentation on the skin and Colored Mica extract that evens and illuminates the skin.

The Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF50 is ideal to be applied every morning after moisturiser as a make-up base. It can be reapplied during the day if required.

All [ comfort zone ] products follow the rigorous science-based, clean and sustainable of the brand’s Conscious Skin Science™ approach. The products do not contain animal derivatives, silicones, parabens or colorants and are dermatologically tested for safety and efficacy. CO2 neutral production takes place at the Davines Village in Italy, home of [ comfort zone ]. The packaging is fully recyclable and offset by “Ethio Trees”, a social, environmental initiative that includes a reforestation project in Ethiopia exclusively sponsored by the Davines Group, a certified B Corporation and owner of [ comfort zone ].

The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector (RM438) and the [ comfort zone ] Color Perfect SPF 50 (RM388) are available at over 20 beauty salons nationwide. For more information, visit world.comfortzoneskin.com or contact 03-2143 2271, or follow [ comfort zone ] on Facebook @comfortzonemalaysia and Instagram @comfortzone_malaysia for the latest updates.

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