AsterSpring Intense Hydra-Light Therapy Will Give You Renewed, Radiant Skin

AsterSpring Intense Hydra-Light Therapy Will Give You Renewed, Radiant

We may have 99 problems but there’s one solution to healthy, radiant skin and that is the AsterSpring’s NEW Intense Hydra-Light Therapy to restore the hydration and glow your skin craves for.

It’s a hi-performance synergy facial combining the latest technology from Dermalogica, the #1 professional skincare globally, with highly potent IonActive™ Hyaluronic Acid and Gelloids concentrates and bt-accent® LED Light to deliver maximum results in minimal time and best of all, tailored to your unique skin type.

AsterSpring Intense Hydra-Light Therapy Will Give You Renewed, Radiant Skin-Pamper.myUsing the power of light, the LED Light Therapy was pioneered by NASA to speed up healing of wounds in zero-gravity situations. bt-accent® LED Light technology used in AsterSpring’s Intense Hydra-Light Therapy incorporates different color light wavelengths that penetrate into skin layers at varying depths to target different skin types, giving you accelerated skin renewal and bring out a smoother, firmer and radiant complexion.

Four key benefits of AsterSpring’s Intense Hydra-Light Therapy:

  1. Anti-Ageing – Accelerates skin cell renewal, stimulate collagen production &
    provides hydration for that youthful glow.
  2. Calming – reduces redness, irritation & dryness to unveil a brighter, radiant
  3. Oily or acne skin – kills bacteria and reduces inflammation caused from acne &
    breakouts for healthier skin.
  4. Instantly boosts skin hydration and suitable for all skin types

Using 3 different coloured LED Light, which colour is most suited to your skin type?

AsterSpring Intense Hydra-Light Therapy Will Give You Renewed, Radiant

Skin Type Oily/ Acne Skin (Blue) Sensitive Skin (Violet) Aging, Dry Skin (Red)
Dermalogica IonActiveTM System EndoThermal Gelloid (Cooling) – Provides antioxidant protection to suppress acne and control oil EndoThermal Gelloid (Cooling) – Offers cooling sensation ExoThermal Gelloid (Warming) –Thermal, self-heating formula to help with actives penetration
bt-accent® LED Light Color Blue Violet (Red + Blue) Red
Benefits Anti-bacterial properties & reduces inflammation from acne & breakouts Calms & relaxes sensitive skin, reduces redness, flare-ups & irritated skin – Accelerate skin renewal & collagen production.

– Improves blood and oxygen circulation to the skin and reduces fine lines, sun damage and wrinkles


Be prepared to be taken away with a relaxing and refreshing experience!

AsterSpring Intense Hydra-Light Therapy is available at:

  • AsterSpring standard outlets – RM538.00
  • AsterSpring Signature outlets – RM580.00

*Prices are inclusive of 6% GST.

For more information and enquiries, visit AsterSpring website at or its Facebook.

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