A Complete Anti Acne Solution with Skinlycious

Acne, one of the most common skin problems among teenagers and adults. For many, acne affects more than just their appearance as it can take a toll on one’s emotional health. Researchers have found that people with acne are likely to develop depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor self-image and an overall decreased quality of life.

While the fight against acne rages on, one woman has emerged victorious after an arduous battle for the last 14 years after countless trials and tests and created a skincare brand for the ultimate solution in acne treatment.

This brand is called Skinlycious.

Founded by Jasmine Kang, a former acne fighter with background in biomedical, organic skincare formulation and pharmaceutical science, Skinlycious is a culmination of science and R&D skincare brand that offers a range of acne-fighting products and routines tailored to clear up the toughest of acne problems and is customised to suit skin concerns for all ages. Whether you are a teen, adult in your 20s, 30s or even 40s, its formulations have proven effective in reducing acne fast without wreaking havoc onto the skin.

Every product in Skinlycious is first tried and tested by Jasmine herself. Despite having highly sensitive skin, Jasmine ensures the products will not trigger any unwanted side effects such increased sebum production or severe breakouts. Once she is confident that the products are safe for use, they will then be sent to a small group of acne fighters to review and share their feedback on the product. This will then help to further refine the formulation, ensuring the product delivers on its promise.

This rigorous testing method ensures that each and every product that goes on the shelf is thoroughly researched, tested for efficacy and affinity to acne-prone skin.

What makes Skinlycious truly unique is it pioneers a method of skin experiment to get the best results. Known as the Half Face Test, this method allows you to find the best product and regime for your breakouts. Skinlycious firmly believes when it comes to acne, skincare regimens should not be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. With this method, you have the opportunity to test the products and narrow down the search for the best combination that works for you! Furthermore, Skinlycious offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if the products do not remedy your complexion!

Skinlycious’ Starter Kits are the perfect way for anyone to begin their clear skin journey without committing to full-sized products! The 2 starter kits, Skinlycious Essentials Starter Kit and Skinlycious Complete Starter Kit will pave the way to a clearer, healthier complexion.

Skinlycious Clear Skin Essentials Starter Kit

The Skinlycious Clear Skin Essentials Starter Kit (RM147) contains a complete range of acne-fighting products, including acids-based Glow Exfoliant and vitamins-based Clarifying Serum, that helps you identify your suitable acne corrector.

Suitable for acne-prone skin, combination or oily skin, the kit includes 4 products that form a complete regime:

  • Skinlycious Calming Cleanser: A gentle and effective cleanser that minimises redness, re-balances skin’s pH, and combats acne-forming bacteria from returning.
  • Skinlycious Glow Exfoliant: A gentle exfoliant that penetrates deep to dissolve gunk in clogged pores while reducing its size. It also fades post-acne marks and pigmentation while gently exfoliates surface dead skin.
  • Skinlycious Hydrating Serum: A hydrating serum that regulates oil/sebum production, reduces fine lines while strengthening skin barrier and nourishing skin from deep within.
  • Skinlycious Clarifying Serum: This spot corrector reduces the appearance of blemishes and redness while working hard to reduce post-acne marks without drying the skin.

Skinlycious Clear Skin Complete Starter Kit

The Skinlycious Clear Skin Complete Starter Kit (RM279) is the complete range of skin-loving, acne-busting products that work together as a routine.

Suitable for dry skin, makeup and sunscreen wearing users, the kit includes 7 products that form a complete regime:

  • Skinlycious Calming Cleanser
  • Skinlycious Glow Exfoliant
  • Skinlycious Hydrating Serum
  • Skinlycious Clarifying Serum
  • Skinlycious Soothing Cleansing Gel: Removes makeup without disturbing skin balance.
  • Skinlycious Barrier Booster Moisturiser: A moisturiser that soothes and improves skin elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines and hydrates skin deep within without leaving a greasy finish.
  • Skinlycious Multi Protection Mineral Sunscreen SPF47PA+++: This non-sticky, non-greasy, sheer sunblock provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. With Olive leaf extract, this natural-antioxidant ingredient adds another veil of protection.

With a comprehensive guide to clear skin plans and routines and a roster of acne-fighting products, you can now get your perfect acne solution plans delivered straight to your doorstep at www.skinlycious.com/my.

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