3 Ways The Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum Will Boost Your Skin’s Hydration

3 Ways The Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum Will Boost Your Skin's Hydration-Pamper.my

Aggressors such as the cold air, wind, pollution, UV rays, stress, fatigue and unhealthy lifestyles cause our skin to weaken (think fine lines, dullness, and saggy skin) and it disrupts our skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. Hence, Sisley has furthered their research from the creation of the Hydra-Global in 2007 to the new Hydra-Global Serum this year.

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum

The Hydra-Global Serum is a “super-product” that boosts hydration and deeply quenches the thirstiest skin by helping it to restore itself using its natural hydration mechanisms by reteaching your skin on how to take in water, circulate it through the different skin layers and retain it as much as possible.

Saturated with “smart” active ingredients, here are three ways the Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum will give that extra hydration boost to your skin:

1. Take water into the heart of the skin to regenerate optimal hydric reserves

Sisley’s Research has selected two new, complementary active ingredients that increase your skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by re-educating your skin on how to produce its own hyaluronic acid independently:

  • Blue Agave Yeast Extract (a new active ingredient used by Sisley): Promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the dermis and replenishes the hydric layer.
  • Carob Bean Extract: Activates the synthesis and renewal of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis and boosts your skin’s water reserves.

Another new active ingredient from Sisley is Japanese Cedar Bud Extract, it encourages the formation of the amino acids that make up NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) that effectively absorbs moisture, traps water in the skin’s surface and restores its elasticity

2. Circulate water to transport moisture intensely and sustainably

The migration of water through the epidermis occurs thanks to aquaporins (the role was discovered in 2003, earning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry) by stimulating the Aquaporin-3 proteins found in the cell membrane of keratinocytes that transport water and glycerol, a hydrating active ingredient naturally found in the skin, it encourages the circulation of water within your skin. That’s the role of one of the key active ingredient of the Hydra-Global skincare launched in 2007, Wild Pansy Extract that acts identically here to stimulate the synthesis of aquaporin-3.

3. Retain water deep inside the skin by reinforcing its impermeability

It’s also important to boost water retention to reduce evaporation so Carob Bean Extract prevents the key component of the tight junctions ( a link that connects the cells to one another while blocking hydric loss and ensuring the epidermis is almost completely watertight) from degrading to promote water tightness and thereby reduce water loss. The protective Edelweiss Extract also boosts the impermeability of the corneous envelope.

Your skin will be thoroughly quenched to provide continuous, intense and lasting hydration with the help of this super-serum.

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global SerumThe Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Serum (RM980) is available at Sisley Paris counters starting from 1st May 2018.

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