Nail art has been all the craze and it’s trending. But don’t just limit them to your hands, why not decorate your toes too!

Generally we don’t tend to give our feet much attention because we don’t look at them as much and they’re on the ground all the time – but treat them a little more special and you’ll be surprised how uplifting it can be when you pamper your feet too!

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Toenail art may be subject to more wear and tear than the art of fingernails. This is because we tend to be a bit more reckless, the artwork done on toes is bound to fade or chip away faster. It is best to keep this in mind and to take care when slipping on/off shoes.

You can use beads, spangles and other accessories to make your toenail designs look really special, it is just that you need to give that extra care to assure that things stick properly.

Besides the big toenail, you also need to keep in mind that the rest of your 4 toenails are generally not as big as your finger nails so you have a smaller surface areal to work with. This means a lot of people will use the big toe as a feature nail and go for simpler designs on the rest.

Here are some designs we love and that we hope will get you inspired.

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