Melvita Unveils a New Look: Discover the Power of Bio-Generative Beauty

French organic beauty brand Melvita celebrates four decades of pioneering natural and scientific skincare with a brand new look. This evolution marks their entrance into a new era, where bio-generative beauty becomes even more crucial. By harnessing the power of science and nature, Melvita aims to revitalise our skin, bodies, and the planet.

Their new logo embodies the perfect harmony of natural ingredients and scientific expertise, a core value for Melvita. The design features an organic vein pattern, evoking both the textures of nature and healthy skin. This motif serves as the unifying thread woven throughout Melvita’s refreshed identity.

The refresh extends beyond the logo. Melvita’s new store concept embraces vibrant pops of color – a touch of pink, gold, and natural beige. This evokes a sense of natural beauty and promotes a holistic approach to well-being, inside and out. Their commitment to sustainability is further emphasized by their eco-conscious choice of modular furniture.

This brand evolution extends to product packaging, with a gradual rollout by 2025. All Melvita products will be adorned with the new design, signifying a fresh chapter for the brand.

Spot Melvita’s revamped stores at major shopping centres nationwide and explore the full range of organic skincare products to discover your perfect natural beauty routine.

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