#Scenes: Sneak Peek On Peripera’s Summer Collection At The Peripera Airy Summer Tea Party

Peripera Malaysia recently threw its Airy Summer Tea Party at Lafite in Shangri La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur to give its guests a sneak peek of the Summer Collection that’s in stores now!

Makeup artist, Steven Sunny was there to give some tips on how to get more out of the Peripera Summer Collection.

Filled with balloons and flowers, we got to try out the latest collection of Ink Airy Velvet Tints, Ink Airy Velvet Sticks, Ink Matte Blur Tints, and Ink Matte Blur Cushions that was scattered around the venue.


At the same time we also got a sneak peek of Dashing Diva, a Korean nail art brand that is popular with their press-on nails for your fingers and your toes too!

Find out more about the Summer Collection below!

Ink Matte Blur Tint, RM49 each

These makes your lips look like you just crushed a matte lipstick on them but it feels much lighter and smoother due to the 2-Cloud Fit System that keeps it pigmented and last all day long. It comes in 10 MLBB shades that gives a blur matte effect on your lips.

Ink Airy Velvet Tint, RM45 each

Savor the soft, petal-like gradation of the new Ink Airy Velvet tints that melt on your lips while moisturizes your lips and give it an airy feeling. These come in 10 MLBB shades that helps to brighten dull skin.

Ink Airy Velvet Stick, RM55 each

These lipsticks feels as soft as marshmallows on your lips thanks to the marshmallow root extract and is pigmented too. It also gives a soft, voluminous lips effect on your lips like a blurring filter. It comes in 8 MLBB shades.

Ink Matte Blur Cushion, RM99 (including 1 refill)

The formula has an ultra-lightweight, triple-layering powder complex that gives your skin a blur filter effect that doesn’t cause caking and no touch-ups needed. It comes in 3 shades. All shades come in a neutral beige undertone that gives you natural-looking bright skin.

Find all the products at their offline CLUB CLIO & UNDERWATER outlets, and online on WOOH , Shopee , & Hermo. While selected colours are available offline at selected Watsons & Sasa stores.

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