You’ve probably heard about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. Along with the numerous DIY brush cleaning methods that are easy and budget-friendly.

Imagine if you’re traveling, you won’t exactly be lugging around a bottle of dish detergent, baby shampoo or olive oil, just so you can clean your brushes at your destination. So we found a quick, budget-friendly, space-saving way to clean your makeup brushes, your sponges and Beauty blenders (which are notorious for being hard to clean.).

Ever notice the small bar of soap by the sink in hotel bathrooms? The ones you wash your hands with.

Guess what?

That’s your brush cleaner.


We have tried and tested with the different hand soap bars we have collected from different hotels during our travels and it really works. It deep cleans your brushes, sponges, and Beauty Blenders easily.

How do you clean it with the soap bar?

For brushes: Wet the tip of your brushes with warm water.

How to clean round tipped brush

Swirl round-tipped brushes on the soap with light pressure until the makeup residue comes out, then rinse it off with warm water.

Gently move the flat-tipped brushes in a back and forth motion on the soap until all makeup residue is removed before rinsing it off.

For sponges and Beauty blenders: Wet the entire sponge and swirl it on the soap bar, concentrating on the stubborn areas. Squeeze the sponge to get the makeup residue out and rinse it while squeezing the sponge until the water runs clean. Repeat if there are some leftover stains.

Though some people might disagree that it’s the best cleaning method to maintain your brushes because you don’t know if the soap is made with organic ingredients. But if you’re looking for a quick and cheap fix on-the-go, this is one way to clean your makeup tools.

And it’s a good way to make use of those soap bars you have collected.

Say ‘Aye’ if you used to hoard hotel soap bars and other amenities. Also, what are the craziest things you have brought home with you?

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