For many of us, we may realise that our makeup does not stay long as Malaysia’s weather is hot and humid. Our skin secrete a lot of sebum and oil no matter is under the hot sun or stay indoor, thus if you want to create a picture perfect makeup, try to use this tips!

  1. Apply a mask before putting on makeup
Yogurt for Skin

If you worry that your makeup doesn’t stay long, try to apply a mask that can moisturise the skin. It will help to provide water and essential nutrients for the skin to prepare your face for makeup.

2. Use concealer

Before putting on makeup, try to use a concealer to conceal under-eye and spots that produce oil easily. This can help to conceal the imperfections while giving you a picture perfect skin.

3. Bring a face mist 

After long hours under the sun or even stay indoor, our skin will secrete oil that will smudge our make up. That is why you need to prepare a face mist and tissue to remove the excessive oil.

4. Use a brush 


Although hand is the best makeup tool, the hand might contain dirt and bacteria that will block the pores. It is best to use a makeup brush to avoid uneven makeup base. Moreover, use a circular motion while applying makeup to make it long lasting.

5. Add few drops of serum

Some of the makeup bases might be too dry for your skin. Try to add a few drops of serum or moisturiser to your makeup base to help moisturise your skin. It will let your makeup stay lasting too.

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