Premier makeup artistry brand MAKE UP FOR EVER opened its first new global flagship store in New York City and the store is the brand’s first U.S. location to feature MAKE UP FOR EVER’s GO PRO MAKEUP, a unique live makeup tutorial experience for people of all skill levels, as well as an easy to shop concept.

This highly-personalized service allows up to seven guests to learn and play with various makeup techniques at their leisure, or sit for complimentary group classes to learn with the guidance of a MAKE UP FOR EVER professional makeup artist, at no cost or obligation to purchase.

Recently launched in select locations in ParisSingapore and London, the GO PRO MAKEUP custom-designed, three-sided bar features a moving belt, similar to a sushi bar. Various sets of products grouped to create specific makeup looks rotate slowly around the bar, allowing guests to hand-pick the makeup skill they want to learn. Each station is outfitted with a well-lit makeup mirror, disposable wands and other hygiene tools, a USB port for charging mobile devices and hooks for bags and coats.

The GO PRO MAKEUP bar is open for guests to learn and play – anyone can sit at one of the bar’s seven seats and select a technique of their choice, such as the Highlight and Contour set, which includes simple, four-step instructions and MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Pro Sculpting Palette, Pro Light Fusion highlighter and Ultra HD Pressed Powder.

The store’s professional makeup artists provide a fresh set of MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brushes for use at the bar and ensure that shades in the guest’s chosen set are the best match for their skin tone and preferences. The store’s artists are trained to customize their support level to each guest’s desired experience, ranging from simply offering the optimal shades to providing personalized, one-on-one GO PRO MAKEUP lessons.

In addition to the revolutionary GO PRO MAKEUP launch, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s technologically-enhanced flagship store features a digital lash bar, allowing guests to virtually try on the brand’s 50 false lash styles, and custom-designed overhead lighting specifically designed to be optimal for makeup application. Full makeup application and waxing services complete the store’s self-service to full-service model.

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