Hermès Plein Air H Trio: The New Collection of Mineral Powders for a Sunkissed Glow

Hermès Plein Air has just launched its new collection of mineral powders, the H Trio. Embodying pure air and radiant warmth, the H Trio collection unveils two exquisite powders: the H Trio Healthy Glow Mineral Powder and H Trio Iridescent Mineral Powder, complemented by the Pinceau Le Precis Brush.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s hues and the sun’s embrace, these buildable mineral powders effortlessly illuminate the complexion, offering endless possibilities from subtle highlights to a radiant flush of colour. Whether sculpting the contours or accentuating specific areas, each shade in the collection can be applied individually or combined for a stunning, sun-kissed glow.


The H Trio Healthy Glow Mineral Powder, featuring 5 elegant shades that grant a healthy, radiant glow upon application. The finely iridescent, semi-matte, pigmented powder brings natural warmth to the skin, enhancing facial contours and creating a subtly sun-kissed, vibrant look that lasts all day.


The H Trio Iridescent Mineral Powder, showcasing 2 captivating shades that delicately illuminate the skin with a pearlescent formula. With its multifaceted iridescent finish, this elegant prism of pink or coral hues diffuses light, revealing a new, natural radiance that enhances the skin’s natural beauty.


The Pinceau Le Precis, a perfect complement to Hermès Plein Air H Trio Collection, features a wooden handle in three colors with a soft pink ring. Its supple bristles gently apply powder with a sweeping or precise gesture, reaching specific areas of the face, inspired by simplicity of gesture in design.

The H Trio collection is the perfect way to achieve a sunkissed glow, no matter the season. Whether you’re looking for a natural, healthy glow or a touch of sparkle, the H Trio has you covered.

Find Hermès Plein Air H Trio Collection at Hermès boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Hermès counters in Parkson.

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