Lancôme’s Global Ambassadors Reveal Their Source of Strength in the Latest Advanced Génifique Serum’s #LIVEYOURSTRENGTH Campaign

Since its launch in 2009, Lancôme Advanced Génifique has achieved an impression record of more than 35 million bottles sold worldwide, received 170 awards, 10,000 reviews 5-star reviews and 97% of women who use it would recommend it to others.

In 2009, this Lancôme’s iconic serum was improved with an updated, patented formula powered by microbiome science, with a unique complex of 7 pre- & probiotic fractions, to strengthen the skin microbiome and to help the skin recover up to 77% faster.

This year, Lancôme invited its Global Ambassadors – Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Winslet and Zendaya to celebrate this iconic serum and share their testimonials in the latest Advanced Génifique Serum’s #LIVEYOURSTRENGTH Campaign. The five Lancôme All Stars come together to reveal the source of their own inner strength, just like Advanced Génifique activates the skin’s strength.

Penelope Cruz
“Determination Is My Strength”

“When I was a little girl, and I said that I wanted to be an actress, it was like saying: I want to go to the moon. I’ve always been told by my family, that I’m very, very stubborn, and I think that has been something that has helped me achieve a lot of things. Having that strong character, of trying things, of not being afraid of getting no for an answer, and going back and trying again. And I think I’ve had that since I was a little girl.”

Lupita Nyong’o
“Love Is My Strength”

“I would describe my inner strength as the courage to love, openly, and passionately, and abundantly. When you act out of love, it brings out the best in you, and it brings out the best in everyone around you. That’s when I feel most strong.”

Amanda Seyfried
“Patience Is My Strength”

“I would describe my own inner strength as patience and growing. Finding that power within you. Finding your voice and using it, especially using it. Any time I fight fear, anytime I climb a mountain that I’ve made for myself, I feel incredible. And I definitely feel powerful. And like I can’t stop.”

Kate Winslet
“Confidence Is My Strength”

“Strength, it takes on many different forms. And I think as long as you have an inner beliefin yourself, the manifestation of that is confidence. And from that comes strength. You’ve got to live your life; you get one life, you get one chance. Just get out there, be happy. Just be yourself, be free.”

“Self-Belief is My Strength”

“I don’t think you can describe your own inner strength. I think it’s just a feeling; it’s an emotion. I think it’s something that lives within us. We just have it. Whether you choose to recognize it or not, it’s a journey for every single person.But I think it definitely exists, and it’s just there, and you feel it when you feel it.”

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