Indonesia’s Leading Teenage Skincare and Cosmetics Brand “Emina” Debuts in Malaysia

Emina, Indonesia’s leading skincare and cosmetics brand for teenagers, has entered the Malaysian market with a selected range of its products now available exclusively on Shopee. Designed to be a girls’ beauty bestie, Emina’s skincare and cosmetics products are specifically designed and formulated to suit the needs of teenage skin and the wants of teenage life.

Chief among its collection is the Emina Bright Stuff series of skincare products as well as a variety of cosmetic products.

Emina Skincare Series

One of the hero skincare products that Emina is bringing to Malaysia is the Emina Bright Stuff series which the main benefit is to take care of dull skin and brighten up the skin. The Series includes a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, mask and even micellar water.

All the products in this Bright Stuff series are enriched with summer plum extract and double brightening agent that has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and gentle on skin. Not only does it take care of dull skin, Emina Bright Stuff Series also moisturizes the skin and protects against pollution. It’s also made with safe ingredients and fit for teenage skin.

Beside the Bright Stuff series, Emina is also bringing other skincare series such as:

  • Emina Bright Stuff for Acne Prone series – to brighten up the skin for those who have an acne prone skin type.

  • Emina Ms. Pimple Series – an acne solution for teens.

  • Emina Skin Buddy Series – a daily hydrating skincare for teens with hyaluronic acid and calendula extract as the main ingredients.

Teen Skin Friendly Cosmetics by Emina

Emina cosmetics products that are available in Malaysia, ranging from lip makeup, eye makeup, face makeup, and beauty tools. Emina’s cosmetic products are focused on lightweight formula, easy to apply, affordable and good quality products to keep teens looking fresh, feeling confident and in-touch with their playful side.

One of the hero products of Emina’s makeup range is the Emina Magic Potion, a long-lasting lip tint that lasts all day long. The Emina Magic Potion comes in a variety of colours allowing teens to explore different looks. The colours currently available for Magic Potion are Summer, Sienna, Scarlet, Sunglow and Smitten.

A truly novel creation, Emina Magic Potion is bagged the Top Breakthrough Innovation in Southeast Asia in 2020 conferred by NielsenIQ BASES. What sets it apart is that it’s a water lip tint with a semi-matte finish, lightweight, transfer-proof, moisturizing as it’s enriched with vitamin C, long-lasting and suitable for any active teen on-the-go.

Established in 2015, Emina Cosmetics has been a long-standing go-to skincare and cosmetics brand for teens. All of Emina’s products are also Halal-certified, and recognised by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Emina’s products are now available in Malaysia exclusively on Shopee, with prices ranging from RM6 to RM35.20.

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