Are you someone who uses sheet mask regularly? Sheet mask has long been used to instantly brighten and moisturise our skin. We know that sheet masks are good for our skin, but what happens when you overdo sheet mask? Read more.

5 DIY Face Masks For Brighter

However, Chinese actress, model television producer and pop singer Fan Bing Bing is using more than 700 sheets of a face mask in just a year! A lot of reports also saying that she always spotted on the street with sheet mask on her face.

Generally, most of the instructions are asking us to leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then massaging the remaining essence into your skin. However, if you are using rubber mask to cover over your sheet mask, it will require to leave it longer.

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However, the truth is sheet mask not only will trap serums and essences, while it also will trap bacteria and other dirt that hold it close to your skin. If your skin is particularly sensitive or oily, you need to avoid using it too often.

On top of that, if you leave the sheet mask for too long, reverse osmosis can happen and moisture from your skin can draw back into the ‘dry mask’. That is why you need to remove the sheet mask while it’s still damp. It is to avoid reverse osmosis take place!


In conclusion, do not leave your sheet mask too long! The longer you leave your mask on, the more your skin can get dry and traps more dirt! Remember to always follow the instruction and treat your skin well.

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