Pantene Miracles: A Luxury Hairvolution Experience

We are Queens; We create our miracle with Pantene Miracles

Self-pampering at home has never been easier (or more luxurious!) with Pantene Miracles and we are so excited it’s finally launching in Malaysia! This new luxury haircare range from Pantene is a full hair SPA care pack, infused with high-grade essences and pro-vitamins to nourish dry hair back to cashmere silkiness.

And behold, it’s available in Malaysia right now!

We love the posh rose gold and cream packaging design which is top class aesthetic, honestly. And scent wise, the Pantene Miracles range smells delicious, of fresh-picked apples and roses. Fine stuff.

With Pantene Miracles, the magic is in your hands

Trying out the Pantene Miracles range has been nothing but a week of indulgent SPA sessions in the shower and better hair for us. The Pantene Miracles regime is an easy-breezy, no fussy-lini process that requires less effort than an actual salon visit. All it takes is a few pumps of product to get noticeably silkier, bouncier hair.

Also, the signature apple-and-rose scent of the products is titillating; it lifts the senses when applied and imbues you in a perfumed cloud all day which is such a mood-booster. Best of all, the serums and treatments absorb readily into hair for instant softness and silkiness.

Did we also mention that Pantene Miracles range discludes abrasive chemicals from its ingredient list? The products are all silicon-free, paraben-free and colourant-free, granting a gentler touch on hair.

Indeed, the glowing reviews we read online were totally proven. And the result we enjoyed was a haircare-cum-pamper session that made us feel like Queens.

So, what does a Pantene Miracle hair SPA treatment entail? We break it down for you…

Step #1: Cleanse

Pampering begins first with the Pantene Miracles Shampoo to wash away dirt, oil and impurities. This fragrant shampoo comes in two variants: Rich Moisture (for dry hair) and Crystal Smooth (for normal hair). Both shampoos are infused with Pantene’s high-grade Lipo Shot essence, a special beauty essence that nourishes hollow hair.

Step #2: Treat

After a refreshing cleanse, time to treat with Pantene Miracles Rich Moisture Treatment and Crystal Smooth Treatment. Like its shampoo counterpart, the treatment cream is infused with Lipo Shot essence to coat your hair in a luxurious, moisturising, post-shampoo mask that prepares the hair for cashmere silkiness.

Step #3: Revitalise

Our favourite product of the lot is the Pantene Miracles Dual-Active Oil Serum. This serum is a combination of two potent potions, Aqua Serum and Jewel Oil, locked in a futuristic two-chamber bottle and double-walled so that external heat doesn’t alter the formula.

Using this combined serum after washing wraps gives hair that soft, salon finish while the product locks in moisture and gives it extra shine.

What we also love about the Pantene Miracles range is that it comes with a Day Mist and Night Replenisher to provide your hair with 24-7 first aid.

Day Mist:
The Pantene Miracles Day Mist is a convenient leave-in treatment you can use to prep hair before styling or as a quick refresher during the afternoon or just before a night out. Enriched with Pro-Vitamins, this mist also protects the hair against heat and dehydration.

Night Replenisher:
Like its namesake, the Pantene Miracles Repleneshing Overnight Milk repairs dry and frizzy hair while you sleep so that you can open your eyes to lustrous cashmere hair. Infused with Pantene’s Lipo Shot essence and Pro-Vitamins, this serum delivers first aid to hollow hair strands with repairing lipids.

Now, it’s your turn to create your hair miracle with Pantene Miracles

Pantene Miracles is readily available at all Guardian stores nation-wide. To get your miracle hairvolutionary experience, visit Guardian’s online stores.

Or follow Pantene Malaysia on their social media for updates.