Let’s Talk Hair Loss (with Hair Loss Experts, Svenson) & Win A CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy Worth RM545

When actress Jada Pinkett Smith started wearing a turban in public to conceal her hair loss, it sparked a conversation about what it would be like to lose our hair.

Actress Jada Pinkett (source: Getty Images)

Talking about hair loss can be very personal and private. In fact, most women would prefer not to talk about it. Nevertheless, we have to get the ball rolling about hair loss because it does exist. And there’s something you can do to prevent it.

Let’s start with some facts about hair loss that we uncovered from chatting with our friends at Svenson Malaysia, a London-based brand of hair care centres. For the past 60 years, Svenson has been providing scalp and hair care therapies worldwide for people with hair loss problems and more.

According to their team of hair and scalp experts…

1) Hair loss affects BOTH men and women
2) You can be afflicted with hair loss at ANY AGE!
3) No matter the cause of hair loss, prevention is important!

That’s right. It’s not just the elderly or men who are prone to losing hair. It CAN happen to women too, no matter your age. Most of all, hair loss can actually be prevented early.

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Hair Loss Facts

As we chatted more with Svenson Malaysia, we learned that hair loss is a condition where the hair follicles have shrunk and are weakened. A follicle is a part of the skin that grows a hair and anchors it to your scalp. When the follicle is weakened, hair falls off easier at the root. This leads to hair shed and thinning in women.

So what causes hair follicles to weaken? According to Svenson’s trichologist (hair and scalp experts), weak hair follicles are often the product of genetics. However, external factors like stress, poor nutrition and poor scalp condition also play a major part.


  • Shampoos DO NOT cause hair loss unless it contains harsh chemicals like parabens.
  • Colouring and perming may cause fragile hair and breakages but it DOES NOT cause hair loss.
  • Having long hair DOES NOT cause hair loss; however, wearing tight hairstyles and ponytails will strain your roots.


Preventing Hair Loss At The Root

No matter the cause of one’s hair loss, Svenson’s experts advise that prevention is always better than cure. Even if you are not presently experiencing hair loss, some preventative treatments for scalp health can go a long way.

Hair analysis at Svenson Malaysia

The first thing you should do is schedule a diagnosis so that your trichologist (hair and scalp expert) can advise you on potential hair loss issues you may face.

By the way, Svenson Malaysia has some pretty reliable trichologists at their centres who can advise you on suitable treatments.

This brings us to laser-assisted treatment for hair loss prevention and hair restoration.

Laser-Assisted Hair Treatment

We’ve heard of treatments that remove hair with a laser but what about a low level laser treatment that stimulates hair growth? Svenson Malaysia was keen to introduce us to their latest breakthrough in hair loss solutions.

The CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy is Svenson’s answer for safe, effective and non-drug based hair loss solutions and hair-loss prevention.

CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy

How It Works

The CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy is a low-level laser treatment that works directly on the follicles. It is a powerful, yet painless, method of preventing hair loss right at the root. The laser penetrates through skin, right to the hair follicle to restore it.

Capillus (CAP-LS) Machine

Svenson’s CAP-LS technology is also paired with ergonomic design. The machine, shaped like a cap, enables the low-level laser light it to cover the scalp evenly. This means that no areas are missed out.

As a result, hair growth is promoted with clinical studies showing that 95% of CAP-LS therapy receivers have seen an increase in hair count.

Why It’s GREAT

Besides better hair growth, the CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy also improves the overall health of your scalp.

As the laser stimulates the hair follicles, it also increases blood circulation, nutrient absorption and oxygen supply to the scalp tissue. It is also capable of minimising scalp inflammation which is the cause of weak hair follicles as well.

What this does is help hair grow better, faster and stay intact on your scalp for longer.

CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy’s effect on hair

The whole CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy, excluding consultation, takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Who Would Need It

Practically all of us who need a little hair loss prevention OR want to regrow hair. The CAP-LS Hair Restoration is highly suitable for both men and women with…

  • Oily scalps
  • Sensitive scalps
  • Fine or weak hair
  • Stress-related hair loss

Try CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy At Only RM119*!

For a limited time, you can book a low level laser scalp treatment at only RM119 (NP: RM545) and receive an exclusive Elixir Hair Serum Solution.

*Terms & Conditions apply


Win a CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy worth RM545

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For more information about the CAP-LS Hair Restoration Therapy, visit Svenson’s official website at http://bit.ly/2nIjfDK, and to learn more about Svenson’s hair treatments and therapies, visit http://bit.ly/2nFcEtI.

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