Hair Analysis with Hair Rituel by Sisley: What It Can Reveal About Your Hair Condition

When it comes to haircare, we all know it’s important to choose the right products that suit our hair best. However, there are too many offerings in the market that address the particular needs of hair, do you know exactly which products work well for your hair? We doubt it.

Hair Rituel by Sisley, the professional haircare brand founded by Sisley Paris in 2018, understands that everyone’s hair is unique with its own set of characteristics, and it is essential to use the right ritual to treat and enhance any hair type according to its individual needs.

Hair Rituel Analyzer

In order to provide an appropriate solution, Hair Rituel by Sisley has developed the Hair Rituel Analyzer, a new and expert connected device that’s designed to look inside the hair to see what it really needs. According to the brand, this advanced device is used to provide complimentary hair analysis to their customers for an accurate and customised diagnosis of the scalp and hair fibre. Their beauty consultant, would then based on the hair analysis results, give a recommendation to the customers of the products best suited for their needs.

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Shivani, beauty influencer and invited guest host

To find out whether the Hair Rituel Analyzer works as it claims, we invited our beauty influencer friend, Shivani from Pen My Blog, to try out a personalised hair analysis at Sisley counter at Robinsons The Gardens Mall KL, to see how the Hair Rituel Analyzer works and what it can reveal about her hair condition.

Here’s how her personalised hair analysis session went!

Shivani was attended to by the Assistant Manager of Sisley Paris Malaysia, Anna Wong, who shared briefly the brand’s background before the hair analysis session. Anna also shared the brand’s concept “Haircare is the New skincare”, as they find the skin and scalp have many similarities due to the scalp is the extension of face skin.

(left) Anna Wong, Assistant Manager of Sisley Paris Malaysia and Shivani

“In line with Sisley’s quest to be the beauty frontier, we designed a new Hair Rituel Analyzer. This hair analyzer has an optical sensor of 110x on the scalp and 900x on the hair fibre,” said Anna while showing the device to Shivani.

“This hair analysis is free, and with the results, our beauty consultants would be able to match the best products for our customers,” she continued.

Anna explained to Shivani the functionality of the hair Rituel Analyzer

Before Anna started the hair scanning, she carefully assessed Shivani’s hair conditions including her hair & scalp colour, hair type, hair thickness, hair length as well as her scalp sensivity & uniformity.

Prior hair assessment

Anna started the hair diagnosis by scanning Shivani’s scalp three times using the connected device to capture the scalp images, and followed with a scan at the hair roots and other one at the hair ends for hair fibre diagnosis.

Scalp scanning
Scalp analysis visual
Hair fibre analysis visual

The connected device, which is connected to a visual digital application, send the scanning information to the app, and a diagnosis results will be generated by the algorithm in just 45 seconds!

Hair analysis results

The analysis results showed Shivani’s overall hair vitality is above-average at 60 percent, but with some room for improvement on her hair density, scalp moisturising and the diameter of the fibre. Other than that, her scalp uniformity & sensitivity, fibre condition and pores condition are at a healthy state.

Shivani was recommended to add some hair treatment products into her hair care routine to improve her hair condition

Based on the results, Shivani was recommended to add the following four products into her haircare routine to improve her current hair condition:

  • Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask – to keep hair and scalp cleaner for longer hours with anti-dandruff effects;
  • Regenerating Hair Care Mask – to strengthen & improve the density of hair & scalp, and soothe scalp itchiness at the same time;
  • Revitalising Fortifying Serum – to prevent hair loss and appearance of grey hair; and
  • Hair Care Oil – to add a touch of shine and nourishment to the hair.

At the end of the session, Anna told that they will also share the hair analysis results and the information of the recommended products to Shivani by email for her record.

Shivani will share her verdict after trying these products… stay tuned!

For those who want to know whether these recommended products work well on Shivani’s hair, please stay tuned as she will share her verdict after trying them out.

If you’re interested to try out the hair analysis, you’re welcome to pay a visit at any of Sisley counters anytime. The hair analysis is complimentary with consultation, which just takes 5-10 mins!

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