#NewIn Hair Rituel by Sisley Offers Complimentary Hair Analysis Service at Its Counter & Introduces a New Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask to Improve Haircare Performance

Last week, we got an invitation from Hair Rituel by Sisley to experience their newly brought in Hair Rituel Analyser and Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask at A Cut Above Salon in the Parkson Elite.

Since this haircare brand was introduced by Sisley Paris in 2018, Hair Rituel by Sisley has launched a range of professional hair care products with emphasising the concept of “Haircare is the New Skincare”.

Hair Rituel Analyzer

Staying true to its brand identity as a dedicated brand for the scalp and hair fiber, Hair Rituel by Sisley introduces a new hair analysis service, using it self-developed Hair Rituel Analyzer, which is able to visualise the state of both the scalp by 110 times (x110) and the hair finer by 900 times (x900) with its unique optical sensor. The service is complimentary and available at all its beauty counters nationwide.

Furthermore, the brand also expand its products range with the unveiling of a new Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask with white clay (RM360). This unisex mask is a unique first preparatory purifying step, to prepare the hair to receive cares in order to improve the hair care results. It helps to relieve the scalp and hair of the harmful effects of pollution, give a cooling sensation to soothe the scalp irritation, and keep the hair clean for longer hours with anti-dandruff effect.


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