With the flawless skin on the pictures and real life, you will never know that Natalie Portman was once having acne problem. As the face of Dior Beauty and the brand’s new scent, Natalie Portman shares her secret to beat the acne skin in the recent interview. This is how to beat acne skin, read more:

  1. Avoid putting on makeup
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Image: glamour.com

As we all know, putting on makeup is not a great idea for our skin. By applying makeup base, foundation, contour, concealer, and many more things on the face, it actually tends to block the pores. If we do not clean it properly after putting on makeup, in a long run it can cause acne on the skin.

2. Have a good rest

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Although all of us are having a busy life, you should let yourself rest after a long day. Putting makeup up after 11 pm is not a good idea too. If you could, try to clean your face by 11 pm at night and put on skin care on your face. On top of that, use an overnight mask if you are lack of time to do masks.

3. Take care of the food intake

Image: iascertification.com
Image: iascertification.com

Have you heard before, you are what you eat. Yes, we truly believe in this. Your body will reflect what you eat. If you are eating oily and fried food most of the time, how can you stop your skin from growing the annoying acne? That is why you should take a good care of your food intake, try to consume more fruits and vegetables and some other nutritious food.

4. Avoid dairy products and eggs

Image: dairyfoods.com
Image: dairyfoods.com

As most of you may know, Natalie Portman is a vegetarian before this. However, when she cut out dairy and eggs, she never had a breakout after. Her skin gets so much better. In spite of that, it is very personal as everyone has different sensitivity. Thus, you need to find out what type of foods you sensitive to.

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