As we share on a recent article saying that Ruby Rose having breakout problem, are you thinking of how often should you change your pillowcase? If you constantly having unexplained breakout problems, maybe you should consider of changing your pillowcase. This is how often should you change your pillowcase, read more!


If you often suffer from unexplained breakouts despite following a disciplined skin care routine and eating a balanced diet, the problem maybe is because you did not wash your pillowcase frequently. According to FutureDerm, you should wash your pillowcases at least once a week.

On the other side, there are some other dermatologists saying that we should wash our pillowcase every two to three days. This is because as we sleep at the night, our skin will detox and sweat which causes some dirt to stick to the pillowcase. If you are sleeping with your pets, you should wash your pillowcase as frequent as you can.

Shower mistake- Washing hair too often

Ladies, if you are not washing your hair before going to bed every day, then you should consider washing your pillowcase every now and then as your hair can be very dirty after a long day. Or, if you put on a lot of styling products in your hair, this means that you need to change it even more frequently.

Thus, changing your pillowcase one a week is a must. If you are someone who is more prone to acne, let’s try to change your cases every other night. It may make a huge difference.

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