Here are some exclusive beauty tips from L’OCCITANE that we would like to share with you on how to do a DIY Peony Perfection Facial at Home with its Pivoine Sublime skincare range! It’s one of the best weekend activities where you can spend some quality time with your BFFs with a do-it-yourself facial that gives you all the goodness your skin needs!

Lavender Scented Candle1. Set the mood

Draw the curtains, set up a relaxing playlist of your favorite songs and light a L’OCCITANE scented candle. Just because it’s at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a spa-like environment!

2. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone

The secret to flawless skin lies in your groundwork.

PEONY PERFECTING MAKE UP REMOVERFirst, remove makeup with Perfecting Make-up Remover (the gel texture prevents excessive tugging of skin).

PEONY 2 IN 1 PERFECTING SCRUBApply a generous layer of the 2 in 1 Perfecting Scrub and leave on for 10 minutes for the mask to do its work. After that, wet your fingertips and gently massage skin so that the gel transforms into cleansing oil. Remember to rinse thoroughly!

PEONY PERFECTING TONERSweep away and residual makeup with a cotton pad saturated with the Perfecting Toner. Pat skin all over with fingertips to ‘lock in’ moisture.

3. Beauty face massage

Just like how exercise helps promote the body’s blood circulation, facial massages help to flush toxins from the face, so you’ll experience less puffiness, lines and imperfections. To reduce friction, smooth Perfecting Cream onto skin before massaging.


Follow this simple sequence: center of forehead to temples → nose bridge to temples → sides of nose to jawline → chin to jawline.

If you like a firmer point massage, use your knuckles to apply slight pressure on the temples and jawbone. Tissue off excess or massage until completely absorbed.

4. The finishing touches


If you’re going out, complete your mini-facial with Perfecting CC cream that comes with sun protection benefits.

FACECARE_Pt_TintedLipBalmsA slick of Tinted Lip Balm will give your lips enough color, yet allow your petal-fresh skin to remain as the highlight.


If stay in, order a healthy delivery meal and watch a movie. Don’t forget to replenish moisture with the Perfecting Mist!